‘God’s Rules Always Win’: Marco Rubio Now Says Same-Sex Marriage Not Settled Law (Video)


Marco Rubio holds prayer meeting with Iowa pastors who lay hands on him, Christian Broadcasting Network reporter interviews the GOP presidential hopeful.

Marco Rubio this week was in Cedar Rapids, and according to Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) reporter David Brody, met with Iowa pastors and held a prayer meeting with them: 


Brody sat down with Rubio and in this promotional video posted late Tuesday night, talked about same-sex marriage with the GOP presidential hopeful who is using faith as a powerful recruitment tool.


Asked about same-sex marriage, Rubio tells Brody same-sex marriage "is current law, it is not settled law." He then compares it to another iconic Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade, which the Christian right is also trying to overturn. 

Both are considered settled law.

Rubio offers up a biblical mandate. "We are clearly called to adhere to our civil authorities," he says. But then adds that when "that conflicts with our requirement to adhere to God's rules," he concludes, "God's rules always win."

The Florida U.S. Senator also fear-mongers, saying, "if we're ever ordered to perform a same-sex marriage, as someone presiding over it, we are called to ignore that."

The First Amendment protects pastors from not performing any marriages, period.

Brody then brings up Kim Davis, whom Rubio agrees did the right thing.

Ironically, after the Rubio clip, Brody, who just talked with Rubio about disrespecting legal same-sex marriages and, therefore, families headed by same-sex couples, plugs the interview which will air in full next week.

Why next week?

This week, Brody says, is for "family."

Just not same-sex headed families.


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