Watch: Trump Supporters Attack Immigration Activists As Rally Turns Violent In Virginia


A Donald Trump rally turned violent when a few immigration activists protested and were attacked by supporters of the GOP frontrunner.

Activists interrupting political rallies are commonplace. As the LGBT community fought for, and continues to fight for equality, many have interrupted even their most loyal allies, like President Barack Obama. Black Lives Matter activists have interrupted Bernie Sanders several times. Code Pink regularly interrupts congressional hearings. 

But none of these have turned violent.

Wednesday night at a large political rally in Virginia for Donald Trump, 10-20 immigration activists, according to varying reports, interrupted the GOP frontrunner as he was reading off his poll numbers. Trump even told his audience to let the activists speak, saying, "that's why we have freedom of speech, folks."

But his urging went ignored, and Trump's supporters turned violent, as Mediaite reported.

CNN reports the protestors had "unfurled a banner that read 'No human life is illegal,'" and shouted "Dump Trump" as Trump tried to speak.

"But several of his supporters quickly became agitated, shouting 'Go back to Mexico' as some of the protesters were escorted out. Another Trump supporter began hurling obscenities at two of the protesters, Ronald Sanchez and Maria Sanchez."

As Trump continued speaking, verbally attacking immigrants, his supporters told the protestors to "get the hell out of here."

And then Trump's supporters turned violent, with one man even spitting on the activists:

CNN reports protests are not abnormal, but "what was abnormal was the level of aggression, the level of vitriol we saw." 


Image: Screenshot via Garrett Haake/Twitter


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