‘He’s Known As Officer Slam’: Second Student Arrested By SC Cop Who Flipped Teen Girl Speaks (Video)


The second student arrested in a South Carolina high school speaks out about the officer who pulled her classmate and dragged her across the room.

As you've no doubt seen, on Monday a South Carolina sheriff's deputy grabbed a 16-year old student by the neck, flipped her over in her desk, then dragged her several feet across the classroom where he then planted her face on the floor, put his knee in her back, and arrested her.


Reports from students in the classroom vary - she was chewing gum says one, she wouldn't hand over her cell phone says another.

Regardless, this was the response the police officer decided upon, and would have gotten away with it had he not been filmed by several students who then were brave enough to upload their videos to social media. 

One of those students who filmed Officer Ben Fields was Niya Kenny, who also was brave enough to stand up to the cop and tell him "no," this is not right.

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He then arrested her too. She is facing criminal charges from school disruption - an actual crime in South Carolina, because, South Carolina.

Here's Niya Kenny speaking to MSNBC's Chris Hayes tonight, telling him that Officer Fields is well-known around school as "Officer Slam," because he has a reputation for literally, physically slamming students, even pregnant ones.




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Image: Screenshot via MSNBC/Twitter

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