Trump Then: I’ve Never Asked God For Forgiveness. Trump Now: I Ask God For Forgiveness Via Communion


Donald Trump, dropping in the polls, just did a huge about face on his religious beliefs.

Christian evangelicals were enraged this summer when Donald Trump freely admitted he's never asked God for forgiveness, while claiming the Bible is the greatest book on earth and he's a very big believer in God.

After many said Trump did poorly or even lost the GOP debate last week, and turned the conversation from the debate to the "problem" of Muslims in America, Trump found himself for the first time since July down in the polls, and he turned to Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network for help.

CBN reporter David Brody minutes ago released this video interview, which he says was done last Tuesday, where Trump offers a much different response to the question of seeking God's forgiveness.

"Do you believe it is important to ask God for forgiveness?," Brody asks the billionaire candidate.

"Well, I do. I think it’s great," Trump responded. "I consider communion to be a very important thing. When I go to church and I take communion I consider that asking for forgiveness in my own way. I do think it’s a great thing and I do think it’s an important thing. It makes you feel good."

Many, if not most Christians will agree that communion and confession or prayer are different.



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Image: Screenshot via CBN News/The Brody File
Video: CBN News/The Brody File