‘Godless Sickos Who Bash Christians’: Todd Starnes Attacks LGBT Org Working To Prevent Teen Suicide


Fox News religion reporter and columnist Todd Starnes is waging war against Dan Savage's It Gets Better Project.

The religious right is up in arms because for about 24 hours Frito-Lay, a multi-billion dollar international division of PepsiCo, did a good thing and helped fundraise for a non-profit created to help stop LGBTQ youth and teens from attempting or committing suicide because they've been bullied.

Last week on its Facebook page Doritos posted a photo of a bag of its Rainbow Doritos, cool-ranch flavored multi-colored chips, with an offer: donate $10 or more to the It Gets Better Project, get a free bag of Rainbow Doritos.

They sold out in a day.

"The folks who make Doritos and Cheetos are jumping into bed with gay activist Dan Savage," Fox News' religion reporter and commentator Todd Starnes said on his radio show today, a week after the fundraiser had finished. No mention of the fact that it was a 24-hour long fundraiser, but rather, Starnes suggested to his listeners and readers that this was an ongoing relationship.


"Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee says he is shocked that Frito-Lay would associate themselves with a hate group," Starnes said. Yes, saving the lives of LGBTQ youth and teens to Huckabee and Starnes is now an act of hate.

"It appears that Frito-Lay would rather do business with the likes of Dan Savage than America's good, church-going people," Starnes continued.

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"It's not my business what kind of corn chip you chow. But as for me and my house, I can promise you this, not a single Frito. Not a single Cheeto. Until Frito-Lay stops giving money to a bunch of godless sickos who bash Christians."

Note Starnes didn't say Dan Savage is a godless sicko who bashes Christians, he said the It Gets Better Project is "a bunch of godless sickos who bash Christians."

Mike Huckabee is only too happy to join in the gay bashing, posting this to his Facebook page minutes ago:


That link goes to the infamous, anti-gay, far right wing site WND, and an article by the virulently anti-gay Bob Unruh. It attacks and mischaracterizes Dan Savage, in a way only WND can do.

Read it at your peril.


Image via Doritos/Facebook
Hat tip and audio: Right Wing Watch


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