Ted Cruz And Mike Huckabee Will Visit Kim Davis In Jail During ‘#ImWithKim Liberty Rally’


Religious right GOP presidential candidates are using Kim Davis' incarceration to gain ground with their Christian conservative base.

About 1000 students in rural Kentucky have the day off from school today because former Governor Mike Huckabee has decided to hold an " Liberty Rally" in support of Kim Davis in front of the Carter County Detention Center today, and officials fear traffic jams they're unused to handling.

It's certainly an apt metaphor - an ignorant right wing religious extremist depriving children of actual knowledge and holding a rally that has zero claims in law or fact, but will, he hopes, endear him with his ignorant right wing Christian base.

Just like he did several years ago when he created the National Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day to support the anti-gay fast food retailer that was taking heat over its stance toward same-sex marriage and LGBT people, Huckabee has latched on to Kim Davis as a martyr who will embody his anti-gay hate while allowing him to continue his ploy of defender of religious liberty.

Joining Huckabee at his rally will be Davis' attorney, Liberty Counsel head Mat Staver, whose weekend TV appearances did little but hurt his credibility and his client's support. Also joining Huckabee will be Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, unnamed leaders from NOM, the National Organization For Marriage, and CWA, Concerned Women For America, along with former pastor Joshua Feuerstein.

Huckabee will fly in today, and before the rally begins, take time to actually visit Kim Davis in jail. Last week the GOP presidential candidate called her to offer support, then bragged about it to reporters.

Also flying into Kentucky today, rather than join his colleagues as the House and Senate return from their summer vacation today, will be Sen. Ted Cruz, who likewise has used Davis to endear himself with his base.

Cruz made the laughable claim last week that never before in our history has the government jailed a Christian woman for her beliefs. Rosa Parks, were she alive, among many others, would not have been amused. 

The circus is expected to begin around 1:00 PM and last through the afternoon.



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Image by DonkeyHotey via Flickr and a CC license

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