Mike Huckabee’s Supporters Want Obama ‘Tried For Treason’ For Nominating Gay Man To Lead US Army


Mike Huckabee on Saturday denounced President Obama's nominee to be Secretary of the Army, suggesting Eric Fanning is unqualified because he is openly gay, and a civilian, and chosen for those reasons. Huckabee's supporters clearly are unaware that the Secretary of the Army is a civilian position often held by someone who has never served in the military.

"Homosexuality is not a job qualification," Huckabee told his supporters on Facebook, never mentioning that Fanning is eminently qualified. He is currently the Acting Under Secretary of the Army and Chief Management Officer, and has previously served as Chief of Staff of the Department of Defense, Acting Secretary of the Air Force, and Deputy Under Secretary of the Navy, among other roles.

Take a look at what Huckabee's supporters had to say.

Image via Facebook