Kim Davis Tells Fox News: ‘If I Resign I Lose My Voice’ (Video)


Kim Davis gave an interview to Fox News Wednesday night. It didn't go well for her.

"For me," Kim Davis Wednesday night told Fox News, "it's never been a gay or lesbian issue." That's the same statement she made to ABC News this week, and it comes directly from court papers her attorneys filed.

Davis of course is the Rowan County, Kentucky clerk who - since the Supreme Court ruled same-sex couples have the same right to marriage that different-sex couples do - has refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, or any couples, to balance out her discriminatory beliefs.

Her refusal "has been about upholding the word of God and how God defined marriage from the very beginning of time," Davis continued to tell Kelly.

Clearly, that may play well to Fox News viewers, but any high school student likely could explain how the God of the Bible "defined marriage from the very beginning of time," and it's not the "one-man, one-woman" definition orthodox Christians like Davis would like to believe. 

What wasn't quite so well rehearsed, however, was her answer to the next question Kelly asked her:

"So when the legal challenges wound up not going in your favor, many people have asked, 'Why not just resign at that point?'" 

"If I resign," Davis admitted, "I lose my voice."

And there we have the real answer - which is also quite different from what followed next.

Davis, by admitting she doesn't want to lose her voice, admitted that she is taking America on this ride because she is being a religious activist. And that's fine if that's the role she wants to play, but most activists honestly admit they're activists.

"Why should I quit a job that I love that I'm good at?," Davis then lashed out.

"They can accommodate for all sorts of issues, and we ask for one simple accommodation and we cannot receive it," Davis, angry and frustrated, told Kelly.

Watch this short clip. NCRM will have more from Davis' interview Thursday. Stay tuned.

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Image: Screenshot via Fox News

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