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Rick Santorum Was The Keynote Speaker At NOM’s Gala Last Night And (Almost) No One Knows About It



Have Rick Santorum and the National Organization For Marriage become so irrelevant that a major speech at the nation’s top anti-gay marriage group annual gala goes practically unnoticed?

Time was when a major Republican candidate for president, or a former U.S. Senator, delivered the keynote address at one of the nation’s top anti-gay organizations the media would stand up and take notice. There would be video, photos, national news reports, and a barrage of social media posts from reporters and supports alike.

Rick Santorum Thursday night delivered the keynote address at the National Organization For Marriage‘s annual fundraising gala, and, aside from an MSNBC article, Santorum’s own Facebook post with the above photo, and a handful of tweets, no one knows about it.

Have both Santorum and NOM become so irrelevant the activities of neither garner much attention anymore?

Santorum “criticized the nation’s highest court for ‘redefining what family is,’ and warned the recent decision legalizing marriage equality nationwide would have dire consequences,” Emma Margolin reported in an MSNBC article, “Rick Santorum ‘will not stand’ for marriage equality ruling,” late Thurday night.

“What the Supreme Court did last week was a loss,” Santorum said, according to Margolin. “It’s a loss for America.”

“Co-habitating couples almost never get married,” Santorum said. “Why? Because marriage is not about children anymore. That’s a loss we have to work to try to remedy.”

“In this decision, what we’re seeing is a court … basically saying to anyone who disagrees with it that you’re the equivalent of racists or bigots,” Santorum said.

“If you believe this was tyrannical act of an oligarch judge or judiciary, an affront of fundamental freedom of conscience and you say it’s time to move on, why are you running for president?” Santorum said to big applause. “Not me. This will not stand.”

“I will use the bully pulpit not to do what this president has done – to promote global climate change ideas or trans-fats or whatever else the science of the day is – but to rally the American people around this idea,” Santorum said of strengthening religious freedom and the nuclear family. “That is using power for good.”

Curiously, even NOM did not mention the gala or Santorum on its blog or via social media.

We did manage to find a few tweets, like this one from someone who seems to work for OPUSfidelis, NOM’s marketing agency:

But most of the other tweets were all from reporters, like Margolin, or Ben Jacobs from The Guardian.

Are Santorum and NOM irrelevant?

You decide.


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Marjorie Taylor Greene Again Tries to Block LGBTQ Equality Act Vote by Forcing Motion to Adjourn



The “QAnon Congresswoman” Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) tried to block a vote on the LGBTQ Equality Act once again Thursday afternoon by calling for the House to adjourn, forcing every member to go the the floor to vote.

The move interrupts committee hearings and all other business being conducted by every Representative. The freshman Georgia Republican made the same motion on Wednesday, and received the support of every single Republican when the House voted 214-202 against adjournment in a wholly partisan line vote.

Today’s vote has yet to conclude.

On Thursday Greene, wearing a mask that read “Joe Biden is as useless as this mask,”  suggested she was speaking for the entire Republican caucus who are “very offended” Democrats are “claiming” Republicans “had anything to do” with the January 6 insurrection. On Wednesday a CNN report confirmed that a “close ally” of Greene’s was at least present on Capitol Hill during the attack.

Greene Thursday also lied on the House floor, declaring that “the Equality Act is not about stopping discrimination. It’s about causing discrimination against women and religious freedoms.”

“I would like to motion to adjourn, Madam Speaker,” she concluded.


EARLIER: Marjorie Taylor Greene Slammed for Attack Targeting Dem With Trans Daughter as House Readies LGBTQ Equality Act Vote


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Marjorie Taylor Greene Slammed for Attack Targeting Dem With Trans Daughter as House Readies LGBTQ Equality Act Vote



It’s almost as if Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) wanted to prove why the LGBTQ Equality Act is so important, right before the House will vote on the anti-discrimination legislation that Green just days ago called “disgusting, immoral, and evil.”

Wednesday night Greene posted a video of her hanging an anti-transgender sign outside her office, smugly wiping her hands when the deed was done, as Mediaite reported. It was a rare move, not only another direct attack on Americans, some of whom Rep. Greene represents, but a direct attack on her House colleague across the hall, Rep. Marie Newman (D-IL), whose daughter is transgender.

Congresswoman Newman had installed a transgender flag outside her office, after Greene’s ugly attack on transgender people and all LGBTQ Americans.

Greene’s attack only served to make anti-LGBTQ discrimination more apparent. When the House debates the legislation, no one will be able to say it’s not needed, after a sitting Member of Congress literally targeted transgender Americans in a vicious attack.

There was also this attack:

Newman told New York magazine why she put the transgender flag outside her office.

“I’m going to put this flag here so you can see it every day and see about your actions and your hate and your disrespect. So that’s all that was meant to do. It was just making a statement.” She added, “You only let a bully go so long, and then you have to be clear and direct and firm — and I was.”

Support for Newman has been tremendous.


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‘Millions of Pages of Documents’: NY Prosecutors Now Have Possession of Trump Tax Records He Tried for Years to Hide



The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office now has “millions of pages” of records and documents from former President Donald Trump, including his tax returns.

New York prosecutors took possession on Monday, just hours after Trump’s last-ditch effort at the U.S. Supreme Court failed, CNN reports.

“New York District Attorney Cy Vance is investigating whether Trump and the Trump Organization engaged in tax fraud, insurance fraud and other schemes to defraud,” according to CNN, “including potentially providing false information to financial institutions or banks about the value of certain buildings and assets.”

The documents span years, reportedly from January 2011 to August 2019, and include not only official records and returns, but emails and drafts of documents, which are vital to a fraud investigation in determining intent to commit a crime.

This is a breaking news and developing story.


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