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Elizabeth Warren Warns Washington: ‘America Is More Progressive Than You Are’ (Video)



Progressive icon Elizabeth Warren delivered an amazing speech at Netroots Nation, warning Washington and all conservatives that progressive values “are America’s Values.”

Elizabeth Warren delivered the keynote address Friday morning at Netroots Nation, the annual convention for progressive activists. Her half-hour speech was met with cheers throughout, as she laid out her message that progressive values are America’s values.

Warren opened by appealing to her base, acknowledging that the organizers’ choice to hold this year’s convention in Arizona was controversial, and “not because it is hot enough out there to melt your flip-flops,” Warren quipped.

“I’m going to start right off the bat before we get any further in this – as loud as I can: no ifs, no ands, no buts, Arizona’s SB1070 is a stupid law. It is stupid. It is racist. It is unconstitutional and it should be struck down.”

She also started off by mentioning the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling, and by taking pot shots at her former opponent Scott Brown, whom she beat in 2012, and Sarah Palin, who issued a scathing critique of Warren’s Netroots Nation speech last year. The Democratic U.S. Senator from Massachusetts mockingly labeled Palin’s review “deep.”

As is her focus, Warren spoke a good deal about consumer economics and the need to reform and regulate Wall Street, but it was her overall message and in particular her call to action on issues of race that garnered the most applause and attention.

“Progressives believe that it should not take a revolution on YouTube to drive a revolution in law enforcement. It shouldn’t take a hurricane in New Orleans or a massacre in Charleston for Americans to wake up to what is happening, what is still happening to people of color in this country,” she said, to great applause. “And it sure as heck shouldn’t take poll numbers to unite us in our determination to build a future for all of our children,” she said, reinforcing it with a, “that’s right!”

“House Republicans might still want to fly the Confederate flag and Republican leaders may cower in the shadow of Donald Trump, but American people understand that black lives matter and America is not a country that stands for racism, bigotry or hatred,” Warren continued as the progressive audience cheered even louder.

“Yup,” she added as the audience continued to cheer.

“This is a moral issue and an economic issue. To build an economy that creates real opportunity, that doesn’t lock up millions of our fellow human beings behind bars and that uses the talents of all our people. America must prove that on equality and justice, the American people are progressives.”

Warren also called for a higher minimum wage, guaranteed paid sick leave, tax fairness, and protection of social security, along with reforms in trade, campaign finance and student loan debt – all issues she reminded the left that the majority of Americans widely support.

“As different as we are, on these key economic issues — on the economic issues that will shape future of this country — America is progressive.”

And she goaded conservatives to work – or get out of Democrats’ way – on immigration.

“And let’s say it to the Republicans, loud and clear, if you truly want to do something about immigration then get out of the way, get on the right side of history and let us pass comprehensive immigration reform.”

The 66-year old Oklahoma native hammered home her message.

“Our values are America’s values, and America’s values are progressive values,” Warren announced to thousands of her supporters in the Phoenix convention center.

“I’m going to make an announcement to insider Washington: America is more progressive than you are,” Warren warned.

Here’s Warren’s entire speech:


Image by Elizabeth Warren via Twitter
Quotes via The Guardian, Addicting Info, Al Jazeera
Video clip via Raw Story

Full video via Netroots Nation/YouTube

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Trump Cabinet Secretary Set Up a $300 Million Offshore Company in the Caymans — While Still in Office



According to a report from the HuffPost, former Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross was busy attending to his own financial well-being while serving under Donald Trump — raking in at least $53 million and starting up a new business in the Cayman Islands.

Ross, who was recently accused of creating “an environment of paranoia and retaliation” at Commerce, was working on the taxpayers’ dime while keeping his business deals ongoing during his tenure.

The HuffPost reports, “Ross reported making somewhere between $53 million and $127 million during his four years as head of the Commerce Department. The federal government only requires officials to report broad ranges of outside income,” before adding, “Ross’ many and profitable entanglements with private companies while he was supposed to be looking out for the American taxpayer triggered concern and criticism.”

The report goes on to note that Ross’s Commerce duties didn’t stop him from setting up a new offshore business.

“Ross is already engaged in a new enterprise, a special purpose acquisition company that reportedly attracted $300 million from investors. He established the company in the Cayman Islands in January while he was still in public office, ” the report states.

During his time in the Donald Trump’s cabinet, Ross faced multiple complaints about his business dealings, with CREW accusing him “possible insider trading and other violations when he reportedly shorted Navigator stock after learning that a negative story was coming out in The New York Times about his links to the company,” among other ethical issues.

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‘I Dare You to Deny Me Communion’: 60 Democrats Blast Bishops for Move to Punish Biden by ‘Weaponizing’ Eucharist



They were warned.

Before their three-day meeting that culminated Friday with a vote to move toward denying America’s second Catholic President, Joe Biden, communion over his stance of supporting a woman’s right to choose an abortion, the Vatican told the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) to not politicize communion or other sacraments.

They did it anyway, and now powerful Democrats – and many others – are furious.

“Next time I go to Church, I dare you to deny me Communion,” U.S. Congressman Ted Lieu, a Democrat of California, and a Catholic, with a massive 1.6 million followers on Twitter, threatened the Bishops.

His comments were in response to Friday’s news of the USCCB’s politically-motivated decision, and in response to SiriusXM host Michelangelo Signorile, who asked if other Catholics will be denied communion over their “sins.” Signorile pointed to Newt Gingrich, whose history includes adultery, divorce, and re-marriage. Gingrich’s wife was President Donald Trump’s Ambassador to the Vatican.

Another California Democrat, Rep. Jared Huffman, suggested the church should lose its tax-exempt status.

Lieu and Huffman were far from the only Democratic lawmakers to speak out against the USCCB’s move toward denying communion to politicians who support abortion rights.

“We believe the separation of church and state allows for our faith to inform our public duties and best serve our constituents,” 60 House Democrats said in a three-page “Statement of Principles” letter released Friday afternoon.

“The Sacrament of Holy Communion is central to the life of practicing Catholics, and the weaponization of the Eucharist to Democratic lawmakers for their support of abortion is contradictory.”

And they carefully noted the hypocrisy of the Bishops, who have never even suggested denying communion to Republican lawmakers who support the death penalty or engage if the separation of families at the border and caging of children.

“No elected officials have been threatened with being denied the Eucharist as they support and have supported policies contrary to the Church teachings, including supporting the death penalty, separating migrant children from their parents, denying asylum to those seeking safety in the United States, and denying rights and dignity to immigrants.”

Some other prominent House Democrats who signed on to the letter include Cheri Bustos, Joaquin Castro, Gerry Connolly, Rosa DeLauro, Debbie Dingell, Ruben Gallego, Marie Newman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Jackie Speier.


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US Catholic Bishops Move Toward Denying Biden Communion in Political Decision Violating Vatican Direction



The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops overwhelmingly voted on Friday to move toward chastising President Joe Biden, a devout Catholic, for his policies supporting and defending a woman’s right to choose an abortion. It is the first official step toward denying the U.S. President communion. Biden personally opposes abortion but believes it should be a safe, protected, and legal right, which the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled.

The Bishops voted 168-55 to create a “teaching document,” as NBC News reports, to serve as a “rebuke” of Biden and other Catholic politicians who support abortion. The Roman Catholic Church opposes the move.

“The Vatican has warned conservative American bishops to hit the brakes on their push to deny communion to politicians supportive of abortion rights — including President Biden, a faithful churchgoer and the first Roman Catholic to occupy the Oval Office in 60 years,” The New York Times reported Monday, suggesting the U.S. Bishops’ move is just as much a political gesture as a religious rebuke.

“Some leading bishops, whose priorities clearly aligned with former President Donald J. Trump, now want to reassert the centrality of opposition to abortion in the Catholic faith and lay down a hard line — especially with a liberal Catholic in the Oval Office.”

The Times reports the push to go after President Biden is being led by Archbishop José Gomez of Los Angeles (photo), the president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

“The focus of this proposed teaching document,” Archbishop Gomez wrote in a memo, “is on how best to help people to understand the beauty and the mystery of the Eucharist as the center of their Christian lives.”

But the Times noted the Vatican does not want “to use access to the Eucharist as a political weapon,” Antonio Spadaro, a Jesuit priest and close ally of Francis, said.

Conservative American bishops were demanding “a strong rebuke of Biden,” NBC notes, “because of his recent actions protecting and expanding abortion access, while opponents warned that such action would portray the bishops as a partisan force during a time of bitter political divisions across the country.”


Image of USCCB President José Horacio Gómez by Prayitno via Wikimedia and a CC license


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