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Rachel Maddow (Again) Mocks Franklin Graham, Now For His Explanation For Moving To A Pro-LGBT Bank



Rachel Maddow, for the second night in a row, is quite enjoying Franklin Graham’s embarrassing anti-gay actions.

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow opened Thursday night’s show with a look at various gay pride parades, including South Florida’s Miami Beach gay pride parade, which she notes “also stands out for its role in one of the most hilariously satisfying news stories of this summer so far.”

Maddow detailed the now well-know story that Franklin Graham, scion of the iconic evangelical preacher Billy Graham, last week was so enraged that Wells Fargo bank aired a TV ad showing a lesbian couple learning sign language so they could adopt a young deaf girl, he announced he was pulling his millions out of Wells Fargo.

And so he moved his accounts, including those of his father’s Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and of their charity, Samaritan’s Purse, to BB&T bank, which, amusingly, is a proud supporter of, yes, South Florida’s Miami Beach gay pride parade.

In a Thursday USA Today op-ed, Franklin Graham explained why it was OK to boycott Wells Fargo while doing business with BB&T.

So why did we move from one bank to the other? Because, in our view, Wells Fargo went beyond being gay-friendly to being a public advocate — through a national TV advertising campaign — for a lifestyle we, as a Christian organization, believe to be biblically wrong,” Graham explained.

I think there is a difference between being friendly and being a public advocate. By staying at Wells Fargo, we would not only be associating with the promotion of a lifestyle we believe to be wrong, we also would actually be helping to pay for the advertisements by virtue of banking with them — because a bank has no money to advertise with other than the money its customers place in its trust and the interest earned on that money. We simply chose not to continue doing business with a bank that is promoting something that violates our conscience and beliefs.”

Calling the story “delicious” and “funny,” Maddow points out there’s no difference between airing an ad that respectfully depicts a same-sex couple adopting a special needs child, and financially supporting a gay pride parade.

Maddow moved on from Graham’s ridiculousness, to the fact that the fight for LGBT rights and equality is not over, and far from it.

She details the stories of two “really radical” losses on the equality front Thursday. 

As NCRM reported yesterday, Michigan governor Rick Snyder signed into law three bills that allow all adoption agencies, including those that are tax-funded (although Maddow did not make a point of that important fact), to refuse to let LGBT people and same-sex couples adopt children if they claim a sincerely held religious belief against it.

The second was the North Carolina legislature’s successful override of its governor’s veto of a “religious freedom” bill that allows magistrates to refuse to marry same-sex couples.

The LGBT community is gaining on the civil rights front, but make no mistake: regardless of whichever way the Supreme Court decides, there will still be a great deal more work to do.


Image: Screenshot via MSNBC

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‘Falwell Should Step Down’: GOP Leader Calls for Liberty University to Find a New President After ‘Appalling’ Behavior



The vice-chair of the House Republican Caucus called for Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr. to step down.

“Jerry Falwell Jr’s ongoing behavior is appalling,” Rep. Mark Walker (R-NC) posted on Twitter.

“As a Music Faculty Advisory Board Member and former instructor [at Liberty University], I’m convinced Falwell should step down,” Walker said.

“None of us are perfect, but students, faculty, alumni and [the Liberty University choir] deserve better,” he explained.

Walker was a baptist pastor prior to his political career.

Falwell, Jr. has been in a scandal ofter posting — and then deleting — a picture of him holding a woman who is not his wife on a yacht — with both of the pants unbuttoned.

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Biden Epically Destroys ‘Insecure Bully’ Trump After President Says He ‘Hurt God’: ‘My Faith Teaches Me to Love My Neighbor’



Joe Biden is hitting back – epically and eloquently – after President Donald Trump attacked the former vice president Thursday.

In what some mocked as a “deranged” rant from an Ohio tarmac Trump told supporters Biden has “No religion. No anything. Hurt the Bible. Hurt God. He’s against God.”

Thursday night the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee responded, with 301 words focused on his faith.

Biden is a devout and practicing Catholic. Trump has been attacking Biden’s faith all week. On Wednesday the president’s re-election campaign released an attack ad essentially mocking Biden praying. Some slammed the president for “anti-religious bigotry.”

In a post on Medium, Biden responded to Trump’s latest assault by writing, in part, “My faith teaches me to love my neighbor as I would myself, while President Trump only seeks to divide us.”

“My faith teaches me to care for the least among us, while President Trump seems to only be concerned about his gilded friends,” Biden continued. “My faith teaches me to welcome the stranger, while President Trump tears families apart. My faith teaches me to walk humbly, while President Trump teargassed peaceful protestors so he could walk over to a church for a photo op.”

Biden also called his Catholic faith, “the bedrock foundation of my life,” that “provided me comfort in moments of loss and tragedy,” and has “kept me grounded and humbled in times of triumph and joy.”

He also noted, “like the words of so many other insecure bullies, President Trump’s comments reveal more about him than they do about anyone else.”

Read Biden’s entire response here.


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White Nationalism Supporter Stephen Miller Says Dems Stand for ‘Modern-Day Fascism’ Which Could Lead to ‘True Nightmare’



White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller, who has a clearly demonstrated affinity for white nationalism, accused Democrats in Washington, D.C., of supporting an agenda that would effectively institute “modern-day fascism.”

On Tuesday, Miller gave an interview to “Breitbart News Tonight” with host and Breitbart News Washington Political Editor Matt Boyle justifying the Trump administration’s deployment of federal officers to Portland, Oregon, and other cities as part of the Department of Justice’s “Operation Legend.” Miller went so far as to claim that President Donald Trump “saved the city of Portland,” which last night saw its 70th consecutive day of demonstrations against police violence.

Federal agents deployed to Portland have been filmed beating Black Lives Matter protesters, tear-gassing a group of mothers, fracturing a protester’​s skull with an impact round, and yanking people off the street ​and into unmarked vehicles​, detaining them without explanation. The Nation reports that the Department of Homeland Security instructed agents how to arrest journalists and legal observers and expose them to tear​ gas without being held legally liable for violating a restraining order against such tactics.

But it is Democrats in the nation’s capital​, Miller said, that support fascism via so-called “cancel culture.”

“What the Democrats in Washington stand for right now is, in effect, a modern-day fascism that says, ‘If you don’t think what we think, if you don’t believe what we believe, if you don’t act, then you’re going to be written out of society,” Miller said. “That is fundamentally contrary to everything we stand for as an open, tolerant, pluralistic society.”

“If that agenda ever gained power, if they could actually put law behind that thought process, we would be living in a true nightmare,” Miller said.

Boyle replied, “No wonder why you are a senior adviser to President Trump.”

In a series of investigative reports last year, The Southern Poverty Law Center revealed emails sent from Miller to then-Breitbart News editor Katie McHugh that made clear Miller’s obsession with far-right thought and white nationalist hate. In one excerpt from the series, Miller was seen giving editorial directions to Breitbart News, ​using his influence to have​ the site attack his perceived political opponents and to launder his agenda to a mainstream conservative audience.


This article was originally published at Right Wing Watch and is republished here by permission.

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