Supreme Court Adds Another Day To Issue Rulings To Its Calendar


The Supreme Court is adding one more day to its calendar, giving court watchers an additional opportunity for anxiety, excitement, or both.

The Supreme Court did not issue rulings on its top two high profile cases this morning, same-sex marriage and Obamacare. Chief Justice John Roberts almost immediately after all rulings were handed down added Thursday to the Court's calendar, giving court watchers an additional morning of anxiety. 

But now the Court has added another day, Friday, to the calendar, meaning its most-watched cases have three more days in which to be announced: Thursday, Friday, and next Monday.

The Court in theory could of course extend its term as long as it likes, but it rarely goes into July, and as there are a total of seven cases left to announce, it's unlikely.




"Odds," but not confirmed, of course.



Image by Stephen Luke via Flickr and a CC license
Embedded image: Screenshot via Supreme Court

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