‘Not Bound By What Nine People Say’: Rick Santorum Will Fight Supreme Court On Same-Sex Marriage


Rick Santorum says America isn't bound by Supreme Court rulings and he will fight it if it rules in support of same-sex marriage.

Rick Santorum says he will fight the U.S. Supreme Court if it decides same-sex couples have a constitutional right to same-sex marriage.

"Of course I'd fight it," the Republican presidential candidate told NBC News' Chuck Todd on Sunday's "Meet The Press."

"Roe versus Wade was decided 30 some years ago, and I continue to fight that, because I think the court got it wrong. And I think if the court decides this case in error, I will continue to fight, as we have on the issue of life ... We're not bound by what nine people say in perpetuity."

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The former Pennsylvania Senator said he would not go as far as his fellow GOP candidate Mike Huckabee, who is advocating for the states to simply "disregard" a Supreme Court ruling if it favors marriage equality, but explained, "I think it's important to understand that the Supreme Court doesn't have the final word. It has its word. Its word has validity. But it's important for Congress and the president, frankly, to push back when the Supreme Court gets it wrong," Santorum said.

In April, Santorum told a group of Iowa state lawmakers that if same-sex marriage becomes law, "then life as we know it, particularly the family, is going to be on a very, very bad track over the long term."



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