Watch: Texas AG Refuses To Say If His State Will Obey Supreme Court Ruling On Same-Sex Marriage


In a dismissive and hostile interview, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton displays his amazing stunning anti-LGBT animus and disrespect for the U.S. Constitution.

Newly-elected Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton went on CNN this morning to discuss his state legislature's anti-gay marriage bill, a bill that would make it illegal for the State of Texas, any of its locales, or any local or state employee to recognize same-sex marriage, including issuing a marriage license to a same-sex couple, or document the marriage of a same-sex couple in any official state records.

The clearly unconstitutional bill literally defunds same-sex marriage in the Lone Star State, as it also mandates no taxpayer funds can be used in any way to support or facilitate same-sex marriage.

Paxton amusingly told Camerota that in his state, voters overwhelmingly passed a constitutional amendment in 2005 banning same-sex marriage, as if that happened only in Texas, and as if that gives them special rights no other states should have. 

Camerota updated Paxton, showing him a 2014 poll that found 48 percent of Texans support marriage equality, and 47 percent oppose it. Paxton's response? The same as NOM president Brian Brown. "The real poll is whatever happens on Election Day."

Amusingly, Paxton then says his job is to "enforce the will of the people," as he ignores the poll showing the will of the people is in support of same-sex marriage.

Asked what happens if the Texas anti-gay marriage bill becomes law, what will happen when the Supreme Court rules, Paxton started to dance around the issue.

He told Camerota "we don't know" how the language of the bill will be finalized, nor how the Supreme Court will rule, he insisted.

But the most stunning, shocking, and disturbing moment in Paxton's interview comes when he is asked, "Texas would have to conform to the federal law, yes?"

"If the Supreme Court is making the ruling on marriage, we deal with that all the time," Paxton responds.

Camerota pauses, wholly unsure what Paxton's comment means.

"Meaning what?," she asks.


Literally silence from Paxton, for almost two seconds.

Camerota pushes, trying to get an answer.

"Meaning Texas would have to conform to the Supreme Court," she says, assuming he will agree.

"Again, we would have to see how it worked," Paxton, shockingly says. "We would have to see exactly how that opinion is written, versus how this law is passed."

Paxton goes on to say he doesn't know how the Texas anti-gay law "will fit together" or be in "direct opposition" with the Supreme Court ruling.

The obvious correct answer would have been, "Yes."

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Camerota went on to quote Lambda Legal's statement calling the proposed Texas law "blatantly discriminatory."

"Aren't you saying that the gays and lesbians in your state are not as valued, because they can't form into a union?"

Paxton responded that the legislature is merely defining marriage as it has been "for over two centuries." 

"And what about homosexuals who fall in love?," Camerota asks. "What should they do?"

"Well, I mean, they can do whatever they want," was Paxton's dismissive, inhumane response.

Camerota, not satisfied, pushed for a better answer.

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"Well, they can't really do what they want," she reminded him. "Do you understand why gays in Texas would feel that that's discriminating against them?"

"Well," Paxton muttered, "They can feel how they want."

CNN has not yet posted the video to its website but did post it to Twitter. You can enlarge it below:

Raw Story posted the video:

Some responses via Twitter:



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Image: Screenshot via CNN/Twitter

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