Larry Wilmore Takes On Duggar Scandal: ‘Every Child Deserves To Be Safe From Dangerous Hypocrites’


Larry Wilmore, host of Comedy Central's "The Nightly Show," has a few points of irony about the Duggar sex scandal.

The Duggar family sex scandal is news everywhere, and late night TV is no exception. Comedy Central's Larry Wilmore weighed in last night, with his usual keen insight and wit, highlighting the Duggar's history of anti-LGBT hypocrisy.

"So you mean to tell me the family that goes around saying gay and trans people are pedophiles preying on America’s young people actually has a pedophile that preys on America’s young people?" Wilmore mocked. "I hate pedophiles, but I love irony."

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Wilmore also addressed the fact that advertisers are dropping their support of the Duggars' "19 Kids and Counting" TLC reality TV show.

"About 10 other advertisers have pulled out as well, which is ironic – because pulling out goes against everything the Duggars believe in, Wilmore quipped.

He also played a clip of Josh Duggar addressing a crowd at an anti-gay marriage rally. The eldest Duggar son says that "Every single child deserves a mother and father." But Wilmore had an important correction for him.

"No Josh," he pointed out, "every single child deserves to be safe from dangerous hypocrites like you."

Wilmore's jokes have even more truth in them than anyone might care to believe, especially when it comes to the Duggars' religious beliefs. 

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Image: Screenshot via Comedy Central
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