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Jon Stewart: ‘How F*cking Removed From Reality Is Fox News?’ (Video)



Jon Stewart destroys Fox News as “removed from reality,” in an exposé of their coverage of poverty and, ironically, Fox News.

Wednesday night Jon Stewart wasn’t going to take any more “lying and sucking” from Fox News. The right wing cable “news” channel had taken on President Barack Obama this week, attacking him for comments they says he made about Fox News. Of course, Fox News’ paranoia had taken hold, so, had they reported the actual story and the President’s remarks in context, it would have been a very different report.

Stewart took the issue of poverty to expose Fox News. He showed clips from Fox News over the years accusing President Obama of ignoring poverty, while reminding them that Obama “has been addressing those issues his entire presidency.” And he summed up Fox News’ position, in clips, that poverty “is not a function of economic condition, but of character.”

And Stewart focused on Fox News host Stuart Varney, who called his employer “the honest messengers” who don’t allow Obama to “spin his own policy failures.”

Then Stewart turned to Varney claiming Fox News never says “the recipients of food stamps are bad people, or that they’re lazy.” 

So of course Stewart, calling Varney’s lie “a rich buffet of bullsh*t,” then played a montage of Fox News calling recipients of food stamps bad people and lazy, with segments like “Entitlement Nation,” “Who’s Ruining The Economy?,” “United States of Entitlement,” “Entitlement Society,” and “You Make It, They Take It.” 

That was followed by clips of comments by Fox News hosts, anchors, and guests, saying, “the moocher class,” “subsidized freeloaders,” “nation of moochers,” “entitlement mentality,” “sitting on the couch eating bon-bons,” and more.

That was too much for Stewart.

“How fucking removed from reality is Fox’s perception of their own coverage on poverty?,” he demanded to know. “The main defender of your network’s attitude towards those in poverty, is the main offender,” Stewart said of Varney. “He does segments that would make Ebenezer Scrooge go, ‘Hey, take it easy, these are people we’re talking about.'”

He went on to show clip after clip after clip of Varney attacking poor people, and saying that “the image we have of poor people as starving and living in squalor really is not accurate. Many of them have things, what they lack is the richness of spirit.”

Stewart’s frustration was evident.

“Are these glaring contradictions a product of lack of self-awareness, or cynicism, or stupidity, or evil?” Stewart posited. “I don’t know anymore, and I’m starting to lack a richness of fucks.”

He then took on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Joe Scarborough, who had defended Fox News, suggesting he has never heard Fox News call “poor people leaches, sponges, and lazy.” 

So, Stewart was obligated to show clips of Fox News calling poor people leaches, sponges, and lazy.

And he slammed Scarborough for not even bothering to do any research before offering his opinion, in “our favorite game show, ‘Did You Even Try To Research This?'”


Image: Screenshot via Comedy Central


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‘Jesus Was Not a Socialist!’ Fox News Panel Explodes Over Jesus Christ’s Political Views



Conservative religious pundits on Fox News recoiled in outrage on Sunday after a left-leaning guest suggested that Jesus Christ was “more of a socialist” than a capitalist.

During a Fox & Friends segment designed to cast doubt on the faith or Democratic presidential candidates, evangelical pastor Robert Jeffress argued that socialism is “antithetical to Christianity.”

But St. Paul Reverend Dee Dawkins-Haigler reminded the other panelists that scriptures seemed to point to what people now call socialism.

“We believe in things like, what did you do to the least of them?” Dawkins-Haigler explained. “You fed the hungry, you clothed the naked, you went to see those who are in prison.”

“You do not have to be a socialist to be a Christian!” Jeffress shot back. “Socialism is antithetical to Christianity and if they nominate Bernie Sanders, they are not going to be able to attract any faith voters.”

“I totally disagree,” Dawkins-Haigler retorted. “People would have said that Jesus was more of a socialist than anybody we’re talking about today.”

The remarks stopped Fox News host Pete Hegseth cold.

“Why was Jesus a socialist?” he exclaimed.

“Because Jesus did not sit with the establishment, he overturned tables of the tax collectors, he sat with people who were lepers,” Dawkins-Haigler explained. “He made sure he healed people who people thought should not have been healed.”

“So we have to be very careful how we use this language and try to take ownership of who God is,” she added.

“That’s a big claim,” Hegseth interrupted again, giving the floor to Jeffress.

“No! Jesus was not a socialist!” Jeffress opined. “He said render unto Ceasar the things that are Ceasar’s and to God the things that are God’s. He was compassionate. Church is to be compassionate, but you don’t have to believe in socialism, which is nothing but communism light and is absolutely is opposed to everything that is Christian.”

Watch the video below from Fox News.

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Josh Dawsey, White House reporter for The Washington Post, broke news on Saturday about what Robert O’Brien said in an interview to air on Sunday.

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Internet Heaps Praise on CNN’s Anderson Cooper for His ‘Must Watch’ Destruction of Rod Blagojevich



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During the highly-contentious interview, Cooper came armed with facts and did not let Blagojevich get away with comparing himself to political prisoner Nelson Madel a which drew a smirk and rebuke from the CNN host.

Many on Twitter were quick to point to the interview as one all cable hosts should look at as a way to stop guests who go on shows to lie with no pushback.

As former President Bill Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich put it: “At a time when so many lies go unchecked and unaddressed by the media, @andersoncooper ‘s fiery rebuke of Blagojevich’s narrative could not have been more necessary. This is what real journalism looks like.”

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