Americans Far More Comfortable With Gay Presidential Candidate Than Evangelical Christian


A new poll finds the vast majority of Americans are far more enthusiastic and comfortable with a presidential candidate who is gay than who is an evangelical Christian.

As the Republican presidential candidate field grows rapidly, and as the GOP panders to the Christian right - promising to "defend traditional marriage" and the "assault of religious freedom," political strategists might want to take a look at the latest WSJ/NBC poll.

Asked how they would feel about presidential candidates with certain qualities or characteristics, far more Americans said they would "be enthusiastic" or "be comfortable with" a candidate who is gay than a candidate who is an evangelical Christian.

A very large majority, 61 percent, said they would be enthusiastic or comfortable with a gay candidate, while just 52 percent said the same of an evangelical Christian.

On the opposite side, just 37 percent said they would "have some reservations about" or "be very uncomfortable with" a gay candidate, while 44 percent said the same of an evangelical Christian.

The poll also found just 33 percent of Americans supportive of a Tea Party candidate, and just 30 percent supportive of a candidate with no political experience.

The poll was conducted with 1000 Americans at the end of April.


Image by Cliff via Flickr and a CC license
Hat tip: Huffington Post

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