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Pastor: Anti-Gay Bakers ‘Destroying America’ By Being Too Nice To ‘Some Faggot’ Wanting A Cake



A homophobic pastor is attacking anti-gay bakers recently in the news – not for refusing to bake wedding cakes for same-sex couples, but for being too nice about it.

It’s rare to hear a religious extremist attack today’s icons of supposed anti-Christian persecution, but Pastor Steven Anderson is no ordinary religious extremist. As pastor of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona, last year Anderson made national headlines after promising the world an “AIDS free world by Christmas” if America would merely “execute the homos like God instructs.” 

Pastor Anderson, whose church at one point appeared on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of anti-gay hate groups, is back, preaching to his congregation that, if the audio on the video below is correct, includes small children.

In this undated but recent clip, Anderson goes on a rant about Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, angered that Governor Mike Pence called for and signed into law a bill that clarifies the law cannot be used to discriminate against gay people. 

Anderson mocked Pence, saying, “we don’t want anyone to misunderstand the law because we don’t want anyone to think that they don’t have to serve homos because they do.” He added, “Then what is the law? What was it even for, then?”

But the bulk of Anderson’s attack was aimed at the owners of Memories Pizza, which walked away with over three-quarters of a million dollars after stating they would not cater a gay wedding, and Melissa Klein, of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, who was sued for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

Anderson labeled the Memories Pizza owners “weakling cowards” for closing down for a week after being attacked online and purportedly receiving death threats. And he attacked “all of the sodomites of the world,” who are “just raging and infuriated at this pizza place.”

“Who are these perverts who ordered a pizza for the wedding?” he demanded to know.

“These people are doubly perverted,” Anderson said. “Because not only are you perverting nature by being a sodomite, you’re catering your wedding with cheap pizza.”

Anderson insisted the family who owns Memories Pizza should have stood up to the LGBT community and its allies, namely, most of the U.S. Instead of cowering and “kow-towing” they should have proudly quoted bible verses and attacked the “animals” and “queers” without any apology for their faith.

Then Anderson took big hits at Melissa Klein, the owner of Sweet Cakes by Melissa. Of course, he got most of the fact wrong in his sermon, but his overriding point again was, don’t be nice to gay people, proudly denounce them and refuse to serve them, like he does.

Anderson mocked Klein for crying on national TV. “I wasn’t trying to hurt these sodomites’ feelings,” he said, pretending to be Klein. “I don’t want to hurt anybody, but I just couldn’t cater this particular event, and I’ve made so many cupcakes for them.”

“This is just how I’ve chosen to live my live as a Christian,” Anderson continued to say, mocking Klein. 

He said he doesn’t feel sorry for the Kleins, “because you know what, they are compromising and they are not standing for the word of god an they are tools of the media to brainwash you,” Anderson shouted.

“We don’t serve queers in this church,” Anderson promised, wanting to know why the Kleins, whom he accused of attending a “liberal church,” were nice to their gay customers.

“The Bible does not say ‘Don’t hurt their feelings.’ The Bible calls them beasts!”

‘Who thinks it’s a hard decision if some faggot wants you to make them a wedding cake?,” Anderson polled his congregation. “Anybody struggling with that right now?”

Anderson insisted Melissa Klein is “is part of what is destroying America.”

“Christians, so called,” like Melissa Klein, Anderson preached, “who will not stand on the word of God, and who bow down and kowtow to these filthy perverts” by humbling explaining that their deeply held religious beliefs ban them from baking cakes for same-sex weddings, are “part of what is destroying America.”


Or from the beginning:



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Image: Screenshot via Evil Liberal Agenda/YouTube
Hat tip: Addicting Info


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1/6 Committee Issues Subpoena With Damning Revelation About Trump’s Focus to Former White House Spokesperson



A top Trump White House spokesperson who pushed the “Big Lie” and reportedly has “firsthand knowledge” of then-President Donald Trump’s behavior on the day before and day of the insurrection has been subpoenaed by the House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack.

Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-MS), who earlier Friday issued subpoenas to 14 Republicans believed to have submitted false and forged Electoral College claims, has sent a subpoena to former Deputy White House Press Secretary Judd Deere, CNN reports.

The Committee indicated to Deere it wants to focus on the day before the attempted coup, and “specifically said it wanted to speak with him about the January 5 staff meeting in the Oval Office with the President.”

In a damning revelation, Chairman Thompson’s letter “said it had obtained information that Trump repeatedly asked in the meeting: ‘What are your ideas for getting the RINOs to do the right thing tomorrow? How do we convince Congress?'”

U.S. Rep. Pete Aguilar (D-CA), who sits on the January 6 Committee, Friday evening told CNN, the Committee thinks Deere “had a hand in formulating the strategy and some of the media discussions on the day of Jan. 6 and the president’s response.”



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Watch: Anti-Vaxx ‘Expert’ Claims COVID-19 Vaccines Will Turn People Into ‘Transhumanist Cyborgs’ Controlled by 5G



Sherri Tenpenny is an influential religious-right anti-vaccine activist who has testified before the Ohio state House, appeared on Charlie Kirk’s podcast, and been a speaker at multiple ReAwaken America events, where she has shared the stage with the likes of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, Eric Trump, Mike Lindell, Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, and Alex Jones.

Despite the fact that Tenpenny is an osteopathic doctor with no expertise on vaccines, she regularly appears on right-wing programs where she spreads wild conspiracy theories about COVID-19 vaccines.

Recently, she has begun to claim that COVID-19 vaccines are designed to create “quantum entanglement” between those who take them and the internet in an effort to turn humanity into “transhumanist cyborgs.”

“The stated goal is to depopulate the planet and the ones that are left, either make them chronically sick or turn them into transhumanist cyborgs that can be manipulated externally by 5G, by magnets, by all sorts of things,” Tenpenny said during an appearance on “The Stew Peters Show” Thursday night. “I got dragged through the mud by the mainstream media when I said that in May of last year in front of the House committee in Columbus, [Ohio]. Well, guess what? It’s all true.”

“The whole issue of quantum entanglement and what the shots do in terms of the frequencies and the electronic frequencies that come inside of your body and hook you up to the ‘Internet of Things,’ the quantum entanglement that happens immediately after you’re injected,” she continued. “You get hooked up to what they’re trying to develop. It’s called the hive mind, and they want all of us there as a node and as an electronic avatar that is an exact replica of us except it’s an electronic replica, it’s not our God given body that we were born with. And all of that will be running through the metaverse that they’re talking about. All of these things are real, Stew. All of them. And it’s happening right now. It’s not some science fiction thing happening out in the future; it’s happening right now in real time.”


This article was originally published by Right Wing Watch and is republished here by permission.

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1/6 Committee Subpoenas 14 Republicans Who Allegedly Submitted Forged Electoral Certificates



Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-MS) Friday afternoon announced the House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack has issued subpoenas to 14 Republicans from seven states who submitted the forged and “bogus” Electoral College certificates falsely claiming Donald Trump and not Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election in their states.

The Chairman appeared to suggest the existence of a conspiracy as well, noting the “the planning and coordination of efforts,” saying “these so-called alternate electors met,” and may know “who was behind that scheme.”

He adds that “groups of individuals met on December 14th, 2020 in seven states carried by President Biden.”

“The so-called alternate electors from those states then transmitted the purported Electoral-College certificates to Congress, which multiple people advising former President Trump or his campaign used to justify delaying or blocking the certification of the election during the Joint Session of Congress on January 6th, 2021.”

Some legal experts have said their actions may constitute a felony.


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