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Pastor: Anti-Gay Bakers ‘Destroying America’ By Being Too Nice To ‘Some Faggot’ Wanting A Cake



A homophobic pastor is attacking anti-gay bakers recently in the news – not for refusing to bake wedding cakes for same-sex couples, but for being too nice about it.

It’s rare to hear a religious extremist attack today’s icons of supposed anti-Christian persecution, but Pastor Steven Anderson is no ordinary religious extremist. As pastor of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona, last year Anderson made national headlines after promising the world an “AIDS free world by Christmas” if America would merely “execute the homos like God instructs.” 

Pastor Anderson, whose church at one point appeared on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of anti-gay hate groups, is back, preaching to his congregation that, if the audio on the video below is correct, includes small children.

In this undated but recent clip, Anderson goes on a rant about Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, angered that Governor Mike Pence called for and signed into law a bill that clarifies the law cannot be used to discriminate against gay people. 

Anderson mocked Pence, saying, “we don’t want anyone to misunderstand the law because we don’t want anyone to think that they don’t have to serve homos because they do.” He added, “Then what is the law? What was it even for, then?”

But the bulk of Anderson’s attack was aimed at the owners of Memories Pizza, which walked away with over three-quarters of a million dollars after stating they would not cater a gay wedding, and Melissa Klein, of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, who was sued for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

Anderson labeled the Memories Pizza owners “weakling cowards” for closing down for a week after being attacked online and purportedly receiving death threats. And he attacked “all of the sodomites of the world,” who are “just raging and infuriated at this pizza place.”

“Who are these perverts who ordered a pizza for the wedding?” he demanded to know.

“These people are doubly perverted,” Anderson said. “Because not only are you perverting nature by being a sodomite, you’re catering your wedding with cheap pizza.”

Anderson insisted the family who owns Memories Pizza should have stood up to the LGBT community and its allies, namely, most of the U.S. Instead of cowering and “kow-towing” they should have proudly quoted bible verses and attacked the “animals” and “queers” without any apology for their faith.

Then Anderson took big hits at Melissa Klein, the owner of Sweet Cakes by Melissa. Of course, he got most of the fact wrong in his sermon, but his overriding point again was, don’t be nice to gay people, proudly denounce them and refuse to serve them, like he does.

Anderson mocked Klein for crying on national TV. “I wasn’t trying to hurt these sodomites’ feelings,” he said, pretending to be Klein. “I don’t want to hurt anybody, but I just couldn’t cater this particular event, and I’ve made so many cupcakes for them.”

“This is just how I’ve chosen to live my live as a Christian,” Anderson continued to say, mocking Klein. 

He said he doesn’t feel sorry for the Kleins, “because you know what, they are compromising and they are not standing for the word of god an they are tools of the media to brainwash you,” Anderson shouted.

“We don’t serve queers in this church,” Anderson promised, wanting to know why the Kleins, whom he accused of attending a “liberal church,” were nice to their gay customers.

“The Bible does not say ‘Don’t hurt their feelings.’ The Bible calls them beasts!”

‘Who thinks it’s a hard decision if some faggot wants you to make them a wedding cake?,” Anderson polled his congregation. “Anybody struggling with that right now?”

Anderson insisted Melissa Klein is “is part of what is destroying America.”

“Christians, so called,” like Melissa Klein, Anderson preached, “who will not stand on the word of God, and who bow down and kowtow to these filthy perverts” by humbling explaining that their deeply held religious beliefs ban them from baking cakes for same-sex weddings, are “part of what is destroying America.”


Or from the beginning:



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Image: Screenshot via Evil Liberal Agenda/YouTube
Hat tip: Addicting Info


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Trump Urged Ukraine President ‘About Eight Times’ to Work With Giuliani to Get Dirt on Biden’s Son: WSJ



The Wall Street Journal is reporting that President Donald Trump “repeatedly pressured” the president of Ukraine to work with his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, to get dirt on the son of his top political opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden.

In a July phone call Trump urged President Volodymyr Zelensky “about eight times to work with Rudy Giuliani,” the Wall Street Journal says.

But the Journal’s reporting in the second paragraph offers details that appear to minimize what experts have been suggesting actually happened. The Journal’s report also does not name sources or even suggest if they are White House or intelligence community officials.

“Mr. Trump didn’t mention a provision of foreign aid to Ukraine on the call, said this person, who didn’t believe Mr. Trump offered the Ukrainian president any quid-pro-quo for his cooperation on an investigation,” the Journal says.

That would lessen the magnitude of the allegations against President Trump, although they would still be impeachable offenses.

Related: Trump to Meet With Ukrainian President Amid Bombshell Whistleblower Allegations

The Trump team has become expert at controlling the national conversation and forging a narrative that bends most elements of truth, then getting the conservative base to believe them.

This is a breaking news and developing story. Details may change. This story will be updated, and NCRM will likely publish follow-up stories on this news. Stay tuned and refresh for updates.

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Some Among Democratic Base Grow Increasingly Frustrated as Pelosi Issues Statement Chastising Trump Over Whistleblower



Statement  Does Not  Say ‘Impeachment’

Some among the Democratic base appear frustrated with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi who has not been supportive of the majority of House Democrats who want to impeach President Donald Trump. Friday afternoon the Speaker quietly issued a lengthy statement responding to the bombshell news that a whistleblower has filed a “credible” and “urgent” complaint with the intelligence community.

Pelosi’s statement, which was not posted to her social media accounts as of this writing, made its way through Twitter via a handful of reporters.

“If the President has done what has been alleged, then he is stepping into a dangerous minefield with serious repercussions for his Administration and our democracy,” Pelosi said, as a Politico congressional reporter pointed out:

Nearly two-thirds of House Democrats support impeaching Trump, or beginning a formal impeachment inquiry at the very least, according to Politico. But the majority of the nation does not, nor do a majority of Democratic voters, according to recent polls.

“Only 37 percent support beginning impeachment proceedings, while half oppose it,” Politco reports, citing its own polls.

Speaker Pelosi’s statement concludes with this:

“We will continue to follow the facts and explore every possible option to ensure the American people get the truth. We would hope that Republicans would join us in supporting the Constitution.”

Some online are calling her statement “weak,” while others are disappointed with the lack of specific threats of action, and others are expressing exasperation with the Speaker not supporting impeachment:


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WATCH: Trump Says He Hasn’t Read Whistleblower Complaint – in Next Breath Claims ‘Everybody’s Read It, They Laugh at It’



President Donald Trump has spent a good part of the day trying to minimize the news about a reportedly damning whistleblower complaint filed against him by an intelligence official. During an Oval Office press availability Trump threw many different claims at reporters, claiming both that he had no idea what was in the complaint or which country’s leader it involved, then claimed his conversation with the country’s leader was “great” and “beautiful.”

Minutes later he was asked again about the whistleblower report, and if he had read it.

“No I haven’t,” Trump replied.

“It’s – I, I just tell you it is – everybody’s read it, they laugh at it,” Trump said, making a face as if to denigrate the report.

It’s unclear who “everybody” is, but if it to have been even widely distributed Congress would need to investigate, given only the Director of National Intelligence and the IG should have access to it.

He went on to call it “another media disaster,” despite the intelligence community inspector general – who he appointed – calling the whistleblower complaint both “credible” and “urgent.”


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