Rick Santorum ‘Loves’ His Gay Friends – Would He Attend Their Weddings? (Video)


Rick Santorum insists he has gay friends, his wife has said he "loves" gay people, but would he attend the wedding of a gay friend?

In 2011, Rick Santorum told CNN's Don Lemon that not only does he have gay friends, he loves them, and, he insisted, they respect him. 


In 2012, Santorum's wife, Karen, told a supporter her husband "loves" gay people, and "does not hate anyone."


Yesterday, Fusion journalist Jorge Ramos asked Marco Rubio if he would attend a same-sex couple's wedding. After suggesting being gay is a "choice,"Rubio, already in hot water this week over his anti-gay comments, said he would support his gay friends, family members, and co-workers and attend their weddings if asked. 

Today, conservative talk show host, pundit, and 2016 presidential debate moderator Hugh Hewitt asked Rick Santorum the same question.

"Would you, Rick Santorum, attend a same-sex wedding of a loved one or a family friend or anyone you were close to?." Hewitt queried.

"No, I would not," Santorum responded.

"Well, why not?" Hewitt pushed.

"Because I don't — as a person of my faith, that would be something that would be a violation of my faith," Santorum insisted. "I would love them and support them, but I would not participate in that ceremony."

No word on if he would send a present.

Ironically, the segment starts out with Santorum claiming that "defending human rights everywhere is something that a president should be involved in."




Image by Elvert Barnes via Flickr and a CC license
Hat tip: Joe Jervis

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