Same-Sex Couple Featured In Hillary Clinton 2016 Campaign Video Invite Her To Their Wedding


A same-sex couple prominently featured in Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign video have invited her to their wedding, and say they had no idea the video was her campaign announcement, but they're thrilled.

Jared Milrad (left) and Nathan Johnson are one of two same-sex couples featured in Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign announcement video she released Sunday. The couple, who live in Chicago, didn't know what Hillary Clinton would be using the video for, but they say when they first saw it they were "really excited."

The Washington Blade first reported that the two men had been "asked by a friend who works for Organizing for America if they wanted to participate in a video of Americans going through big life changes that were somehow related to Clinton, whom they support for president."

In the video, the couple are filmed walking down the street near their home. "I'm getting married this summer to someone I really care about," Milrad says in the voiceover. The two are holding hands and smiling.

"It was particularly moving to see Secretary Clinton feature a gay couple engaged to be legally married, the first of any major presidential candidate," Jared Milrad told the Blade's Chris Johnson. "To us, this decision demonstrates Secretary Clinton's commitment to LGBT equality and the type of inclusive leader she would be as president."

Milrad, an attorney, is 31 and founded Civic Legal Corps, a non-profit, met Clinton when he spoke at a rally supporting then-Senator Barack Obama. "I was there to rally voters to support President Obama in the general election, and so was Secretary Clinton. She was very warm, friendly and engaging."

"When we were first contacted, they basically told us a little bit about what they would be doing and said they were interviewing people going through big changes in life and also said that it was something affiliated with Hillary, but didn't exactly say what it would be," Johnson, who is 30 and a project manager for a health care consulting company, told the Washington Blade. "So they just mainly wanted to hear our story about that and our life and decision to get married and how we're dealing with that and how excited we are about that."

On his Facebook page, Milrad has posted several reports of the video from news sites in Mexico, Italy, Taiwan, Brazil, and France. And he quotes his fiancé in one story: "The fact that I'm in Hillary Clinton's video is the best thing in the world for my mom. She's more happy about that than our wedding!"

And yes, they are inviting Clinton to their wedding. "We're mailing the invitations soon, Hillary Clinton!," Milrad writes on Facebook. "We are going to extend an option of a plus-one for Hillary Clinton. She'll probably want to bring someone," Johnson adds.


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