Likely GOP Presidential Candidate Scott Walker: I’d Attend A Same-Sex Couple’s Reception (Video)


Watch as Governor Scott Walker responds to a reporter's question on same-sex marriage.

Saturday night Scott Walker became the latest Republican to be asked if he would attend a same-sex wedding. Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum both vociferously have recently announced they would not, Marco Rubio said he would if it were for a friend or family member he loved, and now likely GOP presidential candidate Scott Walker faced the very simple question in Nashua, New Hampshire.

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"That's certainly a personal issue," Walker began. He told reporters he, his wife, his wife Tonette and their children "already had a family member who's had a reception. I haven't been to a wedding," the Wisconsin governor said, making sure to let the press know his "position on marriage is still that's defined between a man and a woman, and I support the Constitution of the state."

"But for someone I love, we've been at a reception."

The governor did not answer the question directly, leaving the media to assume the answer would have been "no."

The New York Times reports Gov. Walker "was away on business when the wedding occurred, but he later attended a reception for the newlyweds."

Ironically, the wedding was of a cousin of Tonette Walker, who married before Gov. Walker was able to get a stay placed on the federal judge's ruling that made her marriage possible.




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