Josh Duggar: If Christians Can’t Discriminate Against Gays They’re Victims Of Discrimination


Reality TV star and director of an anti-gay hate group, Josh Duggar shared his thoughts on the same-sex marriage case before the Supreme Court.

"19 Kids and Counting" reality TV star Josh Duggar has become something of a folk hero to the far Christian right, who see him as an anti-choice and anti-gay icon. Duggar is also the executive director of Tony Perkins' Family Research Council Action - the political action arm of the anti-gay hate group. 

On Sunday, after speaking at the National Organization For Marriage's anti-gay marriage hate rally, CNS News interviewed Duggar about this week's Supreme Court marriage case.

"Natural marriage has been clearly defined over the years," Duggar, speaking in the vernacular of the religious right, said.

"Right now in America there is an agenda to silence people of faith, those who hold a dissenting opinion," Duggar told CNS. "That's not what America was founded on. America was founded on respect, tolerance, and really not discriminating against people based on their religious convictions."

In other words, not allowing Christians to discriminate against gay people is "discriminating against people based on their religious convictions."

Duggar also made a false comparison between Roe v. Wade and same-sex marriage. In 1973 when the Supreme Court decided on Roe, there was far less support for the right of women to choose. Today, 61 percent of Americans support marriage equality.

"I think what we have to realize is this is only the beginning of a larger discussion, and what's really at stake here is the American family,' Duggar said, promising to continue to fight against the rights of same-sex couples regardless of how the Supreme Court rules.

"I believe strongly, being the oldest of 19 kids and counting that you know marriage is central to the family and every single child deserves a mother and father," Duggar continued. "And I'm sure grateful for my parents and I'm grateful for my wife and we have our fourth child on the way due in July, and I think it's just such a blessing when you see family and you see that you can honor each other."

Duggar also claimed that "only one other country in the entire world has ever redefined marriage and that was Brazil when they stepped in through the court system to do that."

Raw Story's Travis Gettys was quick to set the record straight this morning.

"In fact, 18 countries worldwide legally approved same-sex marriage through legislative action or court rulings, and two others - Mexico and the United States - recognize same-sex unions in at least some regions," Gettys notes.


This article has bene updated to correct a reference to CBN instead of CNS News.

Image and video via CNS News
Hat tip: Raw Story


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