Georgia Senate Overwhelmingly Passes Anti-Gay ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill


The Georgia State Senate has just passed a pro-discrimination, anti-gay religious license to discriminate bill, by an overwhelmingly large margin.

The Georgia State Senate has 38 Republicans and 18 Democrats. Together, they just passed a wide-sweeping anti-gay bill under the cloak of "religious freedom," by a huge margin. The vote to close off discussion, and end any chance of amending the bill, was 38-17. The vote that passed the bill was 37-15.

The Georgia Religious Freedom Restoration Act, SB 129, claims that laws "neutral toward religion may burden religious exercise as surely as laws intended to interfere with religious exercise." In other words, to allow for religious freedom the Georgia State Senate is choosing to place the deeply held religious beliefs above those who do not practice religion.

The bill was sponsored and rushed through the Senate by Republican Senator Josh McKoon. The photos below heralding the vote were taken and posted to Twitter by Michael R. Griffin, whose bio reads: "Pastor, Lobbyist, and Political Consultant." 

The legislation is "seen as a way to enable individuals and business to refuse services for LGBT people, or for clerk officials to refuse marriage licenses for same-sex couples in the event marriage equality comes to Georgia," the Washington Blade reports.

The bill now heads to the Georgia House, where it will likely pass, and be signed into law by Republican Gov. Nathan Deal.

The media is growing wise to these anti-LGBT bills, as they spread across the nation - and the tricks Republicans are using are being exposed.

"Georgia will deal with creeping sharia and marching socialism and also its unemployment rate—among the highest in the nation—just as soon as it passes this bill defending righteous, traditional Americans' freedom to hate gays," Gawker reports today. 

Religious zealot, Fox News contributor, and Georgia resident Erick Erickson - who just two weeks ago claimed the only difference between LGBT activists and ISIS is that ISIS murders people - was thrilled today:

Some more responses via Twitter:


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