Broadway’s Audra McDonald Just Took Down Indiana Gov. Mike Pence In A Glorious Twitter Rant


Superstar Audra McDonald's Twitter handle isn't @AudraEqualityMc for nothing. She just earned that "Equality" name ten times over.

Audra McDonald has won more Tony Awards than any other actor - six - and if there were a Tony for Twitter, the amazingly talented Broadway actress and singer would have just won one, too.

In response to Indiana Governor Mike Pence today signing a wide-sweeping anti-gay "religious freedom" - aka "license to discriminate" bill into law, McDonald went on a glorious Twitter rant and took down the conservative Republican governor.

Yes, she schooled him, and good.

Take a look:

(Six tweets - refresh the page if they do not all appear.)

Bam! Thank you, Audra, from the bottom of my heart.

UPDATE: Tweet of The Day: Apple CEO Tim Cook On Anti-Gay 'Religious Freedom' Laws

By the way, that photo up top? That's Audra McDonald in 2011:

"Broadway star Audra McDonald entertains the audience at an LGBT Obama 2012 campaign event in New York City."

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Image by Tyler Driscoll for Obama for America via Flickr and a CC license

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