Southern Poverty Law Center Adds Ben Carson To List As An Anti-LGBT Extremist


The Southern Poverty Law Center has added likely Tea Party Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson to its list as an anti-LGBT extremist.

Dr. Ben Carson, retired pediatric neurosurgeon, author, anti-LGBT extremist.

That's what the Southern Poverty Law Center, one of the nation's oldest and most effective civil rights organizations, says, having added the 63-year old conservative commentator to its list of anti-LGBT extremists.

The SPLC cites several of Carson's anti-gay comments as evidence of his extremism.

"Marriage is between a man and a woman. It's a well-established pillar of society and no group, be they gays, be they NAMBLA [North American Man/Boy Association, a group advocating pedophilia], be they people who believe in bestiality—it doesn't matter what they are, they don't get to change the definition."

—Interview on Fox News' "Hannity," March 26, 2013

"[I]f we can redefine marriage as between two men or two women or any other way based on social pressures as opposed to between a man and a woman, we will continue to redefine it in any way that we wish, which is a slippery slope with a disastrous ending, as witnessed in the dramatic fall of the Roman Empire."

—America the Beautiful: Resdiscovering What Made This Nation Great, 2012 book written with Candy Carlson

Noting that Carson, after criticizing President Obama at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast, was embraced by "right-wing media and hate groups," the SPLC observes that he was soon "appearing as the keynoter at a rash of right-wing and hate group gatherings, linking gays with pedophiles, comparing the U.S. to Nazi Germany and endorsing biblical economic practices for 21st century America."

Late last month, Carson quipped that gays weren't "smart" for wanting wedding cakes from anti-gay bakers, as they might find poison in them. 

Earlier this year, Carson faced a devastating plagiarism scandal. In 2013 he accused white liberals of being "the most racist people there are."


Hat tip: Daily Caller
Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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