Watch: Jon Stewart Mocks Florida County Clerks And Anti-Gay Activists


Jon Stewart had a blast blasting kooky county clerks who want to "protect the sanctity of marriage" for people who give Florida a bad name.

From George Zimmerman to a man arrested for beating people with a lizard, Jon Stewart Monday night mocked Florida, its anti-gay activists, and its county clerks for wanting to save "these people" from same-sex couples who want to marry.

His list of "some of the fine citizens you are trying to protect from the blight of legal same sex marriage" included a man who tried to trade an alligator for beer, a woman who set a man's car on fire for refusing to buy her a McFlurry, and a man who died in a cockroach eating contest.

Stewart wrapped up the segment by reminding residents of the Sunshine State, "you don't get to judge others when your state motto is, 'If Darwin was right, we wouldn't be here.'"

He then announced his guest for the evening.

"Up next, I'll be joined by the senator from Florida, Marco Rubio."

 If video does not appear, watch it at Comedy Central.


Image via Comedy Central
Hat tip: Talking Points Memo


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