Boehner’s Country Club Bartender Planned To Poison Him Because He Thought He Was ‘The Devil’


The bartender at John Bohner's country club thought the Speaker of the House was the devil, and was planning on poisoning and shooting him, authorities say.

In what can only be described as a fantastic tale that sounds like a plot from a movie, the FBI has indicted a man who until recently was the bartender at John Boehner's Ohio country club. Michael Robert Hoyt reportedly was recently fired from the Wetherington Country Club and served the Speaker his drinks. 

Hoyt, 44, believes, according to reports, that he is Jesus Christ, and believes Speaker Boehner is the devil. He also blames Boehner for bringing Ebola into America, and was, according to the FBI, plotting on poisoning the 65-year old Republican who would become president should both Barack Obama and Joe Biden die or be unable to stay in office.

"Bartender Mike" as he was known, contacted his former employer in October, and blamed Boehner for his firing. 

"Hoyt told the officer he was Jesus Christ and he was going to kill Boehner because Boehner was mean to him at the country club and because Boehner is responsible for Ebola," United States Capitol Police (USCP) Special Agent Christopher M. Desrosiers told WCPO in an exclusive report. "Hoyt advised he had a loaded Beretta .380 automatic and he was going to shoot Boehner and take off."

WCPO reports "Hoyt said he started to hear the devil's voice from the speakers in his car and his radio at home after he was fired. The voices were telling him that Boehner was evil, Desrosiers said."

Desrosiers said Hoyt also typed an 11-page blog detailing his thoughts about Boehner being the devil and emailed it to his father, ex-girlfriend and neighbor.

Hoyt said he used to pour wine for Boehner often and could have easily poisoned his drink, but didn't, special agents said.

He said no one checked the drinks he poured for Boehner, and it would have been "very easy to slip something in," according to Desrosiers.

Hoyt also told agents he imagined a scenario where he confronted Boehner about Ebola in front of one of the sports stadiums in downtown Cincinnati. He said he wanted large crowds to be present.

Hoyt volunteered to be taken to University of Cincinnati Medical Center for psychiatric evaluation after police confronted him in October.

Hoyt "was prescribed psychotropic medication, but voluntarily stopped taking it," WCPO added.


Image via Wikimedia

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