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Lawless National Organization For Marriage Demands Kansas Break Marriage Law



The National Organization For Marriage has repeatedly labeled judges and lawmakers “lawless” for supporting same-sex marriage. Now, NOM  is demanding the Governor of Kansas break the law and deny same-sex couples their legal right to marry.

“The lawlessness of this administration has reached epic proportions…attempting to force same-sex marriage on the country despite federal law and the Supreme Court ruling that marriage is the purview of the states.” — Brian Brown, President of NOM: February 26, 2014

“The Supreme Court has repeatedly warned of the lawless manipulation of the judicial process that might result from such collusive suits, yet that is what we are left with in the wake of the ruling in the Proposition 8 case…And our nation ignores this new lawlessness at its peril…” – National Organization For Marriage, July 8, 2013

“By providing funding, messaging expertise, and coordination of local groups, we are working to defend marriage in states where it is presently under attack, by lawless elected officials, out-of-control legislatures, and activist courts.” – National Organization For Marriage, September 5, 2013

“And the legal battles to stop the lawlessness that has broken out across our country in the name of homosexual-‘marriage’ demand time and financial commitment that we cannot meet without your gracious support.” – National Organization For Marriage,  August 19, 2013

“Professor John Eastman, Chairman of NOM’s Board of Directors and a highly-regarded constitutional law expert called [VA AG] Herring’s decision ‘lawless.'” – National Organization For Marriage, January 23, 2014

“And while Governor Brown and Attorney General Harris, with several County Clerks, continue their lawless decree that Prop 8 no longer applies…” – Brian Brown, President of NOM, August 1, 2013

“The decision by a single federal judge to redefine marriage in Utah is lawless, and we are pleased that the Supreme Court has put this decision on hold to allow the state to appeal it in an orderly fashion.” – Brian Brown, President of NOM, January 6, 2014

These are just a few of the dozens of times Brian Brown and NOM, the National Organization For Marriage, have labeled as “lawless” decisions by duly appointed judges and duly elected officials whose job it is to decide and execute matters of law.

At no time have any of these officials been fired, impeached, reprimanded, censured, demoted, or otherwise deemed as having done anything but carry out their job.

Now, Brown, the NOM president, is demanding the Governor of Kansas, Sam Brownback, break the law by not allowing same-sex couples marry in his state. The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to stay a federal judge’s decision that struck down as unconstitutional the Kansas ban on same-sex marriage.

Yet Brown is now demanding lawlessness.

In a NOM petition, Brown tells Gov. Sam Brownback to “refuse to accept illegitimate rulings” from a federal court, and to “use the full authority of your office to order County Clerks and other State officers to continue to refuse to issue marriage licenses that violate state law,” knowing full well that law has been struck down. “I would urge you and Attorney General Schmidt to continue to uphold and defend the law as the people of Kansas have determined it, and refuse to give way to a tyrannical and out-of-control judiciary in a matter so important,” Brown adds.

And in the latest fundraiser from NOM, Brown claims that the “Governor and other state officers throughout Kansas, such as county clerks, should continue to stand by the definition of marriage passed through the fair democratic process by an overwhelming majority of Kansans just a few years ago, rather than giving in to the whim of an activist judge dictating law from the bench.”

Will he be there if federal marshals come to lock them up for breaking the law? Will he pay their bills if they get fired for not doing their jobs?

It easy to advocate for other people to jump on your bandwagon, but demanding or instructing people break the law, is the very definition of lawlessness.


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SCOTUS Justice Breyer Retiring



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In September Mayor McGee signed a proclamation promoting Constitution Week, celebrating the 234th anniversary of the drafting of the U.S. Constitution.

Mayor McGee, who says his city of Ridgeland “attracts new businesses and new residents because of its vibrant businesses, progressive leadership, excellent schools and welcoming neighborhoods,” this week is refusing to release $110,000 in already appropriated funds to the local library because it has “homosexual materials” that he claims violate his Christian beliefs.

McGee “told me that the library can serve whoever we wanted, but that he only serves the great Lord above,” Tonja Johnson, executive director for the Madison County Library System told the Mississippi Free Press.

The counsel for the library board, Bob Sanders, was asked at a Tuesday meeting of the Ridgeland Library’s board if the mayor has legal authority to block the funds.

“Uh, no.” Sanders responded.

Mississippi Free Press reporter Nick Judin adds that “the mayor’s action may well violate basic constitutional rights, based on earlier court cases on the subject of LGBTQ book bans, including Sund v. City of Wichita Falls.

On Twitter, Judin adds more details:

Judin also offers this plea: “if you are sharing this story to make a point about Mississippi, I encourage you to remember that Mississippi is not just Gene McGee. Mississippi is also Tonja Johnson and the library board who voted unanimously to ignore his demands.”

No word yet on if the funds will be released.


Image via Facebook

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The right wing PJ Media adds, “this might have been the ultimate Freudian slip,” and says it suggests a re-election campaign.

Trump has not officially announced he will run for several reasons, as Rolling Stone explained last October:

Trump very much seems like he is running for president in 2024, which according to campaign finance law should prohibit him from coordinating with super PACs like MAGAA, or his leadership PAC Save America, which together brought in north of $80 million in the first half of this year. Trump is able to coordinate with those PACs, though — and use their money to finance his travel, his campaign-style rallies, his God knows what else — because he hasn’t yet officially declared his candidacy. The former president is then, in essence, running what appears to be a shadow campaign designed to skirt campaign finance regulations while holding the still-distant race for the Republican nomination hostage.

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