Santorum Warns Christians: German Jews Just Before Hitler Weren’t Scared Either


Rick Santorum's fear-mongering and hate-mongering stopped getting him elected long ago. Now he's using them to push his latest "Christian" film.

Rick Santorum has a message for all Christians in America: Jews in Germany weren't scared either, just before Hitler came to power and killed them.

Sound harsh?

It is.

Santorum is pushing his studio's latest "Christian" film, "One Generation Away," produced by EchoLight Studios, which he runs, and American Family Studios, which is part of the anti-gay hate group, American Family Association.

In an interview with the Christian Post (video above), Santorum ramps up the fear mongering and lies, even (falsely) claiming that anti-gay hate groups have been labeled hate groups merely "because they're Christian." Of course, that's false. The Southern Poverty Law Center has always been clear about groups listed on its hate group pages: they're there because they repeatedly spread lies about groups of people.

The failed GOP presidential candidate and former Senator also falsely accuses civil rights groups like the ACLU and the SPLC of "trying to erase any kind of god or Christianity in particular from the public square."

Santorum also claims government is preventing Americans from being free. "You can't say or do certain things that may be 'offensive' to some people, you can't have any kind of bible instruction in your schools... They're going to tell you what your values should be."

False - unless that "offensive" act is discriminating against certain groups of people, mostly minority communities, or participating in a hate crime, like beating up a 17-year old student, after luring him to a park, because he's gay.

Warning that "it starts with a gradual erosion," Santorum says "religious persecution" is something that "grows over time."

Then, boom.

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"Germany, prior to the Nazis, was a very Christian country."

"The idea that you could have this type of religious persecution take place over a period of 10 years," was "unfathomable," he says, pointing to Christians and Jews "being not just persecuted but put to death" during the Holocaust.

"You wonder sometimes, why didn't the Jews see this, and move?"

"Same thing here," he warns Christians, saying people think it's "impossible for that to happen in America. Maybe it is - but maybe it isn't."

"If we continue down this path, things are not going to get better," Santorum continues, "and the chance of something really bad beginning to happen, where your faith is really constrained, or your lives are really in danger becomes a possibility down the road."

"I think you're seeing evidence where the government is intolerant of certain biblical teachings," he warns. "You have Catholic Charities in Boston, who refused to do gay adoptions," Santorum says, noting they "got out of that gay adoption business so they could keep everything else going." In truth, they got out of the adoption business altogether, rather than let gay people adopt.

Santorum labels government contracts "privileges," but doesn't stop to consider the definition: "a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people." Discriminating against gay people is a choice, and discriminating should mean you don't get "privileges," because you haven't earned them. Government contracts are not a right, they're a privilege. He says these rules are "real threats," which is false.

Santorum says the "call" of his movie is to warn that pastors, like he says has happened in Canada, could be arrested for "hate speech."

He says that will happen "if we don't defend our liberties."


Image: Screenshot via Christian Post
Hat tip: Right Wing Watch


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