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Laura Ingraham Rants That ‘Obama Let The Ebola Virus Into The U.S.’



Yesterday, one Fox News contributor denied blaming President Obama for the first U.S. case of Ebola. Now, another is blaming him outright.

Fox News guest host and ABC News contributor Laura Ingraham today on her own radio show blamed President Barack Obama for the first case of Ebola diagnosed in the U.S.

Reading from a blog post on her own website, Ingraham asked, “Why did Obama let the Ebola virus into the U.S.?”

“Do you believe that we should be allowing flights from Africa into the United States from the two countries most affected?” the conservative pundit added. “Sierra Leone, Liberia, France, and Britain say no.”

“I believe our leaders’ first and foremost obligation is to protect the security of our country. First and foremost. Why does that seem so difficult for these people to do?”

“One would think that he would kind of lock it down,” Ingraham said. “We think the same thing about the border.”

Ingraham, who is anti-gay although she has a gay brother, was engaged to conservative writer and recently convicted election fundraising felon Dinesh D’Souza.

Yesterday, The New Civil Rights Movement reported exclusively on the Fox News contributor who blamed President Obama for the first case of Ebola in the U.S. but then denied it, Katie Pavlich. 

Pavlich is also linked to D’Souza — she recently appeared on stage with him and Sarah Palin.

If you listen a clip of Ingraham’s rant at Mediaite or the full 17-minute diatribe at Breitbart you’ll hear the fear-mongering and paranoia she fuels her listeners with every day.


Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr


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‘Greatly Representative of Our Nation’: Trump Says the RNC Will ‘Probably’ Use White House for His Convention Speech



President Donald Trump on Wednesday confirmed that the RNC is considering holding a portion of its August convention on the White House grounds, an unprecedented break with acceptable norms and ethics.

Calling the White House “greatly representative of our nation,” Trump says he will “probably” accept the GOP nomination from the South Lawn and deliver his acceptance speech there.

“I’ll probably do mine live from the White House,” Trump said on “Fox & Friends,” NBC News reports. He claimed one of the reasons to do it at the White House is to save the taxpayers money.

“It would be the easiest from the standpoint of security,” he said. “It’s a very expensive operation militarily, and law enforcement-wise the Secret Service is fantastic. But, you know, it’s a big deal, and we’re thinking about doing it from the White House because there’s no movement, it’s easy and I think it’s a beautiful setting.”

Trump’s speech is scheduled for Thursday, August 27, just three weeks from tomorrow.

Experts say anyone in the administration participating, aside from Trump and the Vice President, would be in violation of the Hatch Act.

Here’s the president discussing his convention plans:


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Trump Delivers Dangerously False Medical Claim: Children Are ‘Virtually Immune’ From Coronavirus, Which Is ‘Going Away’



President Donald Trump is making dangerously false medical claims once again, this time to advance his agenda of forcing the nation’s schools to re-open despite the coronavirus pandemic, which is growing worse in many parts of the country.

On “Fox & Friends” Wednesday morning Trump said that children are “virtually immune” from contracting the coronavirus, which is false.

“It doesn’t have an impact on them,” Trump told the Fox News morning team. “And I’ve watched some doctors say they’re ‘totally immune,’ I don’t know I hate to use the word ‘totally,’ the news will say, ‘Oh, he made the word totally and he shouldn’t have used that word.’ But the fact is they are virtually immune from this problem, and we have to open our schools.”

While children may contract the virus at lower rates, there has not been sufficient testing to prove that.

In fact, a devastating CDC analysis reported by The Washington Post just last week found “260 children and staffers — more than three-quarters of the 344 tested — contracted the virus less than a week after spending time together in close quarters. The children had a median age of 12. The camp had required all 597 campers and staff members to provide documentation that they had tested negative for the virus before coming. Staff were required to wear masks, but children were not.”

That “report suggests that children of all ages are susceptible to coronavirus infection and may also spread it to others — a finding likely to intensify an already fraught discussion about the risks of sending children back to school this fall.”

But President Trump says “the schools should open. This thing’s going way. it will go away like things go away, and my view is schools should reopen.”



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Trump May Deliver Convention Speech and Accept GOP Nomination From the South Lawn of the White House



President Donald Trump may make yet another move to obliterate longstanding norms and the separation of politics from matters of state by accepting the GOP nomination for president and delivering his convention speech, all televised across the nation, live, from the vaunted South Lawn of the White House.

“Republican National Convention planners are considering the White House South Lawn,” The Washington Post reports.

It is yet another unprecedented move, one that fits in well with Trump’s usurpation of the power and trappings of the Oval Office for personal and political gain, and his equating of the Office of the Presidency with himself.

“Every White House staff member who participates in this violates the Hatch Act,” law professor and former chief White House ethics lawyer Richard Painter says.

The Hatch Act “does not apply to ‘rooms in the White House or in the residence of the Vice President, which are part of the residence area or which are not regularly used solely in the discharge of official duties,'” the Post notes.

The New York Times reported Monday the interior of the White House is also being considered by the RNC.




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