Watch: Jon Stewart Interviews Man Who Made HBO’s ‘Hunted: The War Against Gays In Russia’


Nothing funny here: Jon Stewart puts the comedy on the shelf to interview the documentary filmmaker who made HBO's "Hunted: The War Against Gays in Russia."

Ben Steele went to Russia and filmed the proud anti-gay "vigilantes" who use social media to lure often under-age closeted young gay men to a "date," then physically and emotionally assault them. The gay men are tricked, often by Neo-Nazis, into believing they have found love, only to find themselves the victim of a brutal hate attack. Often, their attackers tie them up, pour urine on them, beat them, and even rape them -- at gunpoint.

And the attacks are proud of their "work," so they film the attacks and post them to social media sites, effectively outing their victims.

These anti-gay hate "crimes" aren't prosecuted by the Russian government -- they're fully supported, thanks especially to Vladimir Putin's public war against gays. And it's the victims who are often subsequently arrested by police -- not their brutal assailants.

Steele tells Stewart that Russians intentionally conflate homosexuality with pedophilia, effectively accusing all gay people of being pedophiles. 

The New Civil Rights Movement has published many articles detailing the atrocities committed by these Neo-Nazis and anti-gay hate groups, including the link between U.S. Christian organizations and Putin's antigay laws that enable these monsters.

Stewart's interview of Steele is a running revelation for the world.

"Hunted: The War Against Gays in Russia" premieres Monday, October 6 on HBO.


Image: The Daily Show

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