Updated: Citing Two Moms, Texas Refuses To Grant Daughter Of Houston Mayor Driver’s License


The Texas Department of Public Safety has refused to grant a driver's license to the daughter of Mayor Annise Parker, because she has two mothers.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker, currently under fire from the religious right over subpoenas sent to five local pastors who have been attacking a non-discrimination ordinance that is now under litigation, sent out this tweet a short time ago this morning.

John Wright of Lone Star Q first reported the news, writing that "the Texas Department of Public Safety won't honor name changes obtained through same-sex marriages in other states, based on the state's anti-gay marriage amendment."

Now, it appears the DPS also won't allow the children of same-sex couples to take a driver's test if both of their parents names are listed on their birth certificate.

Last month, The New Civil Rights Movement reported that the Texas DPS was refusing to grant a driver's license to Connie Wilson, legally married in California to Aimee Wilson, impacting her ability to not only drive, thus earn a living for her family, but also impacting her ability to vote.

Mayor Parker's daughter, at least for now, may have to get around town like her mother occasionally does. Riding a horse.



Mayor Parker tweets the DPS has relented:

The question remains, in light of the DPS' refusal to grant a driver's license to Connie Wilson, why, and how many other people have been targeted?


Image by Ed Uthman via Flickr


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