Breaking: AZ Attorney General Will Not Appeal Marriage Ruling – Weddings Start ‘Immediately’


"It's over." Tom Horne, the Republican Attorney General of Arizona, says that he will not appeal today's federal court ruling striking down his state's marriage ban.

Stating the Governor of Arizona "does not disagree" with his decision, AG Tom Horne told reporters that Arizona will not appeal today's decision striking down his state's marriage ban. He was adamant that while he disagrees with the court, as an attorney he is ethically bound to not file an appeal, because the chances of winning would be "zero."

Horne stated that marriages can begin immediately. Arizona has no waiting period. The State will also immediately recognize same-sex marriages performed out-of-state he said.

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Horne stated that "we" lost, and added he thinks the decision "should be made by the people and not by the courts."

Horne pointed to the 14th Amendment as being "a good basis" for anti-discrimination laws based on race, but not gender. "The courts disagree with me."

He also stated that Arizona is "smart enough to rule ourselves," and thinks marriage is a states' rights issue. "The constitution does not deal with this issue" of marriage.

"Once the courts have decided then I have to respect that rule of the courts."

The AG also said "it remains to be decided" if florists do not wish to do business with same-sex couples.

"I fought hard for the will of the people," he said.

"I know lots of gay couples but I don't know if any will be married today."

"Without detracting from the legal position," he said, he has "good feelings" for same-sex couples. "I know lots of gay people,' he added.


Image: Screenshot from today's press conference, via AZcentral

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