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White Sox Host LGBT Pride Night – Anti-Gay Fans Demand ‘Straight Pride Night’



After baseball’s Chicago White Sox announced an LGBT Pride Night on their Facebook page, anti-gay fans demanded “equality” be “across the board” – with a separate (but “equal”) Straight Pride Night.

Anti-equality activists are up in arms over the Chicago White Sox’s August 16 LGBT Pride Night event, a benefit for LGBT civil rights group Equality Illinois — a fact clearly lost on many.

On July 28, the So posted this image to their Facebook page. And the anti-gay comments quickly began.


“What does sexual orientation have to do with baseball?,” one Facebook fan demanded to know. “Why have a special sporting event in honor of any sexual orientation?”

“When is the Straight Pride night going to be?,” another insisted. “If it’s all about equality then let’s make it across the board.”

“When is white male night?,” one fan asked sardonically. “Do we really need an event for every belief and ethnicity?”

“Hmm… Hey Sox, how about straight, Christian night? That might be a stretch for you….”

“This is ridiculous, and so unnecessary,” cried another. “It is preposterously over the top. There is no call or reason for this. Why does an MLB team need to have a night calling attention to people’s sexual choice and preference?”

“SMH…” wrote another. “What people do behind closed doors should stay behind closed doors and not be on parade for the general public.”

“I am an avid supporter of the White Sox… but not this It goes against my moral fiber.”

Another poster asked, “Shouldn’t who we are in the bedroom with be a private matter? I don’t understand why people feel they need to shout from the mountain top what there preference in bed is. Just my opinion ….”

“Did the White Sox have a Christian Pride Night??? Or Evangelical Pride Night??? It supposed to be Equality or not??,” another demanded to know.

So a fan responded.

“There is a Faith and Fellowship Night…2 of them actually. May 28 and August 27.”


The Huffington Post notes that the poster on Facebook “predictably, brought out the bigots who are once again here to remind us how backwards some people in America still are when it comes to issues of power and privilege.”

And clearly, some fans do need a few lessons in equality, power, and privilege. And someone to tell them that being LGBT is no more about sex than being straight is.

Enter Todd Sigeti, who offered this wise insight.

Hey, look… it’s a bunch of people whining because a baseball team is holding a night for people who aren’t liked by an ignorant section of a religion. I don’t see any whining about Jewish Heritage Nights, or Latino Heritage Nights, etc. Why should this be any different?And to those “Where is straight pride night” people… come back to me when you can point out a time when straight people were persecuted and alienated because of their orientation. I’ll give you a hint and save you time: IT’S NEVER HAPPENED. EVER.You jerks are an absolute disgrace to humanity.

Others weighted in with their support.

“Proud of the Cell for doing this. Thank you White Sox. I’m a straight, heterosexual married male who supports LGBT marriage equality. #HRC

“Glad to see my favorite team on the right side of this issue. Good Job Sox!”

A few screenshots:








Hat tip: Huffington Post

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