Spanish Conservative Christian Senator Blames Gays For Country’s Trillion Dollar Debt


A conservative Christian party senator is under fire after claiming that gay people are the reason Spain has a $1.3 trillion dollar national debt.

425px-EPP-ED_logo.svg.pngLuz Elena Sanín is a member of Spain's ruling conservative Christian political party, the Group of the European People's Party. Ironically, their logo is a circle of stars embedded in a heart. 

Sadly, Senator Sanín has neither heart nor logic for her country's LGBT community. 

Last Thursday, Senator Sanín chose to blame Spain's $1.3 trillion national debt on "subsidies offered to homosexuals."

In defending her conservative party's drastic austerity moves, "Mrs Sanín insisted that the measures were necessary to pay back the debt run up by the previous socialist government's policy of 'subsidising NGOs [non-government organizations] and homosexuals,'" the Telegraph reports.

She claimed that the government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, the former prime minister, had forced the national debt to surpass a record €1 trillion (£800 billion) with "his favours" to the gay community.

"Otherwise we wouldn't have this gaping economic hole," La Vanguardia, a Catalan daily newspaper, reported her as saying during a press conference held to extol her party's economic model.

The Telegraph adds that "Spain's opposition socialist party and gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual groups have called her words 'a breeding ground for homophobia.'"

Patricia Hernandez, an MP for the socialist opposition, said that the senator must either apologise or resign, saying: "Blaming NGOs and LGBT groups for the government's public debt is shameful.

"It's absurd and ludicrous. All it does is denote the Popular Party senator's homophobia."

The groups Sen. Sanín is blaming are "organizations that work for just and legitimate causes and receive subsidies based on current legislation," according to Popular Party MP Francisco Márquez.

Apparently, regardless of country, Christian conservatives want to blame LGBT people for their troubles, and want to turn to drastic austerity measures that are proven to make the economy worse. 


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