Poll: Majority Of Americans Sick And Tired Of Hearing Sarah Palin’s Opinion


A new poll finds the majority of Americans are sick and tired of hearing Sarah Palin weigh in on issues and would like to hear less of her.

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Annenberg poll finds that 54 percent of Americans, including even forty percent of Republicans, believe Sarah Palin is too outspoken, would like to hear less from her, and are sick and tired of her political opinions. 

That slump in Palin's favorability should have a substantial effect on her ability to raise funds for her super PAC, and thus have a negative effect on the number of candidates she can financially back. As the midterms get underway, it's likely a big blow for the former Republican Party's candidate for Vice President.

The poll, conducted between June 30 and July 7, spoke with 1137 registered voters.

Also on the "would like to hear less from" list are Jesse Jackson (51%), Dick Cheney (45%), Newt Gingrich (43%), Al Gore (40%), and Bill Clinton (32%). 

The polling data was not released and it's unclear if voters were given specific names from a list or if they offered the names themselves.

Will this be enough for Palin to retreat? Unlikely. She has over four million devoted fans on Facebook, a pundit contract at Fox News, and a reality TV show that was just renewed.


Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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