Majority Of Americans Believe ‘Religion Can Answer All Or Most Of Today’s Problems’


A new Gallup poll today finds that the majority of Americans believe "religion can answer all or most of today's problems." But there is good, long-term news: that majority is shrinking. Slowly.

It's no secret that America is one of the most religious nations on earth -- regardless of how devout the faithful claim to be. A new Gallup poll finds a majority of Americans, 57 percent, actually believe "religion can answer all or most of today's problems." But there is good news. That number is shrinking, albeit slowly. In 1958, a whopping 82 percent believed in the power of religion to solve the world's ills. A quarter-century later, it's dropped dramatically -- but not far enough. Today, a growing 30 percent are "more likely to believe religion is out of date."

Interestingly, women are more likely than men -- by 10 points -- to believe in religious "solvation," as are conservatives, those living in the South, and those over 65.

Gallup says "the trend [has been] leveling off in recent years," and and claims "this aspect of the secularization of U.S. society may have slowed, if not halted, for the foreseeable future."

Did we mention Gallup, based in Omaha, Nebraska, has been chastised for accuracy of its religion-based polls? Pew Research found those of no faith or no organized faith are rapidly growing.


Image by Harley Pebley via Flickr under CC license


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