Supreme Court Tosses Ken Cuccinelli’s Dream Of Bringing Back Anti-Sodomy Laws


The U.S. Supreme Court just handed Ken Cuccinelli a major defeat, one month before the voters will decide if they want the Republican extremist to be their next governor. Cuccinelli, currently the attorney general for the "mother of states," has been trying to return to the days when men could be jailed for having sex with other men.

As expected, this morning the high court refused to hear Cuccinelli's case that would make anti-sodomy laws legal again. The Court struck down those laws in the historic and definitive 2003 case, Lawrence v. Texas.

Cuccinelli had argued that he would only use the laws in cases involving minors -- which is of course preposterous. The Richmond U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals declared Virginia's sodomy laws unconstitutional earlier this year.

Of course, the pundits have all had a laugh at Cuccinelli's expense. A few examples:

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Cuccinelli's opponent, Democrat Terry McAuliffe, is leading by at least five points.


Image via Ken Cuccinelli's Facebook page

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