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Huckabee: Ban Gays, Free Murderers And Rapists



Mike Huckabee is the target of both the Left and the Right today, as news comes that nine years ago, as Arkansas Governor, he commuted the sentence of Maurice Clemmons, the man – hours ago shot dead by police – who is accused of assassinating, execution-style, four Washington State police officers Sunday as they sat drinking coffee in a local diner.

Less than three months ago, the former (and future?) Republican presidential candidate won the straw poll vote for the GOP 2012 presidential candidate at the Values Voters Summit. Had John McCain not beaten him in the April, 2008 primaries, Huckabee would have been the Republican nominee for President.

But now, his judgement is being questioned once again, and he is being “forced to defend his decision” of commuting the sentences of Clemmons and another felon. Via today’s New York Daily News:

“Conservative critics had hit Huckabee during the 2008 presidential campaign over his decision to grant an early release to another convict – Wayne DuMond, who was freed in 1999, only to be accused of raping and murdering two women within a year of his release. DuMond was later convicted of murdering one of the women and died in prison in 2005.”


“Erick Erickson wrote on his RedState blog. “How many Willie Hortons can one man have?”

Huckabee, an ordained Southern Baptist minister, and now a FOX News talk show host, as Governor signed legislation outlawing same-sex marriage. He has long been an opponent of gay marriage, gay adoption, revoking “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and revoking DOMA. He has also said he wants to “isolate” HIV/AIDS victims.

But the essence of Huckabee’s problem is simple: All his decisions are based on his interpretation of the Bible. He has, in fact said,

“I believe it’s a lot easier to change the constitution than it would be to change the word of the living God, and that’s what we need to do is to amend the Constitution so it’s in God’s standards rather than try to change God’s standards.”

He is a man who believes that, and believes in “forgiving” and setting free rapists and murderers – against the urging of those, like the D.A., involved in the process. But “God’s law,” in Huckabee’s mind, includes banning gays from marrying or adopting.

Let’s not forget that as Governor, Huckabee saw an increase in violent crime, opposed hate crimes legislation, but is proud of his death-penalty record:

“I actually carried out the death penalty 16 times more than any governor in my state’s history.”

All this, and yet four police officers are now dead, as a direct result of Huckabee’s poor and biblically-influenced decision-making.

Unswayed yet? Still think Huckabee should stay in politics, still have a voice in the national media, still be viewed as a good leader? I’ll leave you with this, from Huckabee’s book, “Character Makes a Difference,”

“Our problems do not result from economics or deficiencies in education. They result from the selfish decision to ignore God’s standards of integrity. Standards based on anything else are relative, and relative standards are meaningless. A person with a biblical world view says humans are by nature selfish. We are basically self-centered & look out for ourselves first. Only two things will change this: either our nature will be changed by a supernatural experience with God through Christ, or we will fear the consequences of not doing the right thing. Those who believe God created humans have a different worldview from those who believe humans created God. Politics are totally directed by worldview. That is why when people say, “We ought to separate politics from religion,” I say to separate the two is absolutely impossible.”

As for the murder of the four police officers, Huckabee should take full responsibility, use his vast resources to support their families, then get out of politics, and use his TV show as a pulpit for strict gun control laws, and preaching words of a loving, not gay-hating God.

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Trump Files Sweeping Legal Motion to Try to Block Georgia Grand Jury Findings and District Attorney Fani Willis



Attorneys for Donald Trump Monday morning filed a sweeping 483-page legal motion asking a Georgia court to block any report from the Fulton County special grand jury and any evidence the grand jury may find, and to force District Attorney Fani Willis to recuse in the investigation into his unlawful attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election results in that state.

The Daily Beast’s Jose Pagliery first reported the filing. The Atlanta Journal Constitution also reports Trump’s attorneys have filed the motion.

Lawfare Blog’s Anna Bower, who has been covering the Fulton County case, calls the filing “mammoth.”

The news comes just hours after reports District Attorney Willis could be considering RICO, or conspiracy and racketeering charges against Trump.

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This is a breaking news and developing story. 

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‘RICO’: Trump Could Be Facing Racketeering and Conspiracy Charges Used to Prosecute Organized Crime



Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis is reportedly considering RICO charges against Donald Trump in her probe of his attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election, CNN reports. RICO charges are generally used when prosecuting organized crime cases.

“The reason that I am a fan of RICO is, I think jurors are very, very intelligent,” Willis had said last year about a different case. “They want to know what happened. They want to make an accurate decision about someone’s life. And so RICO is a tool that allows a prosecutor’s office and law enforcement to tell the whole story.”

Former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance, a law professor and an NBC News/MSNBC contributor, Monday morning on Twitter, pointing to CNN’s report, said Willis “is seriously considering a RICO charge.” She repeated that claim on MSNBC shortly after.

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CNN reports, “Investigators have a large volume of substantial evidence related to a possible conspiracy from inside and outside the state, including recordings of phone calls, emails, text messages, documents, and testimony before a special grand jury. Their work, the source said, underscores the belief that the push to help Trump was not just a grassroots effort that originated inside the state.”

On-air Monday morning, CNN senior legal analyst Elie Honig, a former federal and state prosecutor, explained conspiracy, racketeering, and RICO, saying, “conspiracy” is “a loaded word. But all it really means is an agreement, a meeting of the minds between two or more people to commit a crime.”

But he added, “if we go up to racketeering, now, this is a really powerful tool the prosecutors use. What you have to do is show two things. First of all, the existence of what we call a racketeering enterprise, that can be a Mafia family, that can be a drug trafficking organization, but it could also be a corporation or a political entity, and then you have to show that they engage in what we call a pattern of racketeering activity, meaning that they committed two or more crimes in an organized fashion, which brings us to this other new piece of information. There’s a third phone call we already know about, of course, the infamous phone call to Brad Raffensperger. ‘I just want to find 11,780 votes.’ There’s also a public recording of Donald Trump talking to this investigator, Francis Watson, when he tells her, ‘when the right answer comes out, you’ll be praised.'”

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“Now we know, Trump also called the former Georgia Speaker of the House asking him to convene a special session,” Honig continued. “As we know we’ve heard from some of the grand jurors special grand jurors who’ve come out, they’ve told us that they recommended indictments for more than a dozen people.”

Watch CNN’s report below or at this link.

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‘This Man Is a Criminal’: George Conway Busts GOP’s ‘Completely Ridiculous’ Trump Defense



George Conway ripped Republicans for defending lifelong “criminal” Donald Trump against a looming indictment in New York.

The ex-president apparently expects to be charged in the Stormy Daniels hush money payoff, and the conservative attorney told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that he richly deserves it.

“The Republicans are behaving like complete disgraces,” Conway said. “They’re basically saying that, by saying that Trump is being persecuted, they’re essentially saying, you can’t touch Trump and Trump is above the law. Whatever slack you might have wanted to cut a former president, that was gone after Jan. 6. This man is a recidivist criminal, he’s committed fraud all his life, he’s lied all of his life.”

“This Stormy Daniels thing was something he cooked up,” Conway added. “The notion that [Michael] Cohen is going to be discredited on it is ridiculous given the paper trail. We see the checks signed by Donald Trump. It’s hard to say he is being picked on for paying $130,000 in hush money to a porn star and concealing that and using a straw donor, which was Cohen, to do that, and saying he’s being persecuted somehow when no one has ever done that it is completely ridiculous.”

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Watch the video below or at this link.


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