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Herman Cain: “Liar, Liar” Who Can’t Help But Embrace His Inner Sexist



Herman Cain is a re-enactment of Jim Carey’s “Liar, Liar” character and has told us over and over the past two weeks how much he disrespects and disregards women.

Two weeks ago Herman Cain was confronted with a volcanic media report by that reported two unnamed women had accused him of sexual harassment 12 years ago during his tenure as the president of the National Restaurant Association. Both women received settlement compensation for their ill-treatment by Cain.

Then in rapid succession, there were three accusers (the third woman did not file a complaint against Cain), only to be quickly followed by a fourth accuser, Sharon Bialek, represented by Gloria Allred, celebrity lawyer known for her aggressive advocacy on behalf of  women in high profile cases. Bialek, in a press conference, told the media the sordid details of Cain’s alleged sexual assault this past week when she described Cain as putting his hand up her dress while sitting in a car and attempted to grab her genitals–an act that could be defined as a third or fourth degree act of sexual assault in many states.

Since then, we have been witness to a total of four women, some named and others not, who allegedly have been harassed or assaulted by Cain, someone who is so taken with himself that he repeatedly refers to himself in the third-person, revealing a bit of grandiosity that could once be explained by his astonishing poll numbers in which he continues to lead Romney and Gingrich. Despite the revelation of the sexual harassment allegations against Cain, Republican voters continue to defend him, dismissing the allegations as not being important, or are viewed as calculated false attacks against a conservative candidate for president.

All this has happened, of course, before a single Republican primary vote has been cast. In the meantime, the Republican Party brand, what remains of it, is now tied to an obnoxious liar, who has probably harassed and assaulted women throughout his career. But Cain, perhaps concerned that these revelations could damage his candidacy, hired defense attorney Lin Wood, who said in an interview with the Atlanta Constitution that any new women who are thinking of coming forward with allegations against the candidate should “think twice” before they do so.

So the gloves came off–no holds barred, by the candidate himself and his front porch dog lawyer.

Not only did Cain threaten women this past week, but he couldn’t finish off his ugly business, without insulting two more women. His first target of scorn was former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi–the first woman ever to ascend to the one of the most powerful positions in American politics and now Minority Leader–referring to her as “Princess Nancy“ during the Republican debate in Michigan. And feminist icon Anita Hill, whom Cain took a shot at by joking about among a group of supporters, jesting in laughter when asked about her, “Is she gonna endorse me?

He is literally disgusting and a liar to boot. Cain has effortlessly revealed just how deeply sexist he truly is and reminds me of Jim Carrey’s “Liar, Liar” movie character, Fletcher Reed, who can’t help himself by telling his awful truth insulting all within earshot of his proclamations. Just like Reed, Cain has told us over and over during this past week, just how much he disrespects and disregards women.

Karen Kraushaar, the unnamed second accuser’s identity was revealed by The Daily (owned by Rupert Murdoch) which prompted her legal counsel, Joel P. Bennett, to announce that Kraushaar, a registered Republican and spokeswoman at the U.S. Department of Treasury (hired during the Bush administration to a non-political post) had reconsidered her silence and would now go public, along with the other women in a joint press conference to tell their stories of debasement by Cain.

Apparently now Kraushaar may never announce the sordid details of her Cain experience along with the other women, but we could easily predict the story line and fill in the details (perhaps they are taking heed to Lin Wood’s threats), but Cain has honestly earned the “slime” title outright, fair and square and that is really saying something exceptional about one of the most mediocre, uninspiring group of Americans (one exception is perhaps John Huntsman) who have ever tossed their hats into the ring for president with hopes of elevating themselves to the Oval Office. God forbid!

Wake me when it’s over. The end can’t come soon enough!

Tanya L. Domi is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University who teaches about human rights in Eurasia and is a Harriman Institute affiliated faculty member. Prior to teaching at Columbia, Domi worked internationally for more than a decade on issues related to democratic transitional development, including political and media development, human rights, gender issues, sex trafficking, and media freedom.

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Trump Committed Fraud and Deceived Banks While Growing His Real Estate Empire, Judge Says: Report



Donald Trump committed fraud, deceived banks, and inflated the value of his real estate holdings a judge said Tuesday, granting New York Attorney General Letitia James partial summary judgment in her civil case against the ex-president.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron “has ruled that Donald Trump committed fraud for years while building the real estate empire that catapulted him to fame and the White House,” The Associated Press reports. Judge Engoron “found that the former president and his company deceived banks, insurers and others by massively overvaluing his assets and exaggerating his net worth on paperwork used in making deals and securing financing.”

“The decision, days before the start of a non-jury trial in Attorney General Letitia James’ lawsuit, is the strongest repudiation yet of Trump’s carefully coiffed image as a wealthy and shrewd real estate mogul turned political powerhouse,” The AP adds.

Attorney General James “is seeking $250 million in penalties and a ban on Trump doing business in New York, his home state. The trial could last into December, Engoron has said.”

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McCarthy Now Blaming Likely Shutdown on Fentanyl, President Biden, and His Own House Republicans



Speaker Kevin McCarthy during a raucous gaggle with reporters Tuesday afternoon blamed the increasingly likely shutdown of the federal government on fentanyl, President Joe Biden, and his own House Republicans.

Political experts have said the Republican Speaker could avoid a government shutdown, which will happen at midnight on Friday if legislation is not passed, by making a deal with Democrats and a small number of House Republicans. Doing so would likely cost him his job.

Asked on Tuesday by CNN’s Manu Raju, “Are you ruling out a clean CR without any border security?” McCarthy immediately launched in to a diatribe.

“You know what’s so concerning here? What do you tell to the families that tomorrow morning are gonna wake up and their child’s dead? Because fentanyl came across?” he asked the CNN reporter (video below). “What do you tell to that border agent that you saw the other day? Now his network doesn’t believe it but he’s all in blood. Or the cartels, the billions of dollars that they’re making. Or to the young girls that get raped?”

READ MORE: House GOP Shutdown Demands Include Gutting Billions From Dept. of Education, Costing Over 200,000 Teachers Their Jobs

Another reporter, seemingly frustrated, interjected and asked, “But what do you tell the workers who are concerned they’re gonna get furloughed next week because there is no agreement in your chamber, sir?”

“Well, I know. It’s easy,” McCarthy claimed. “All the President has to do is say, ‘You know what, as one of my fundamental jobs as the President of the United States is to secure our border.'”

Another reporter, ignoring the Speaker’s apparent obfuscation, loudly asked, “Speaker McCarthy if we see the rule votes fail later today, is it possible to even move on to a CR [continuing resolution] for you?”

“Oh, yeah, I never give up,” McCarthy said smiling.

“I know that,” she replied, “but do you think you have the votes?”

Again, not delivering a straight answer, McCarthy smiled and replied, “Oh, I’ve got a lot of things I can try.”

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CNN’s Raju reported that McCarthy, when asked about the “math,” meaning if he has the votes to keep the government open, said: “What’s concerning to me is that there are people in the Republican Party who will take the position of President Biden against what the rest of Americans want.”

That could suggest some Republicans have indicated they would vote with Democrats on a bill to keep the government from shutting down.

Raju also reported he asked “Speaker McCarthy if he believes he could survive a vote to oust him from the speakership, as [Rep. Matt] Gaetz has threatened, and he said: ‘I don’t count that vote.'”

NPR’s Joel Rose has reported, “Close to 90% of … fentanyl is seized at ports of entry. Immigration authorities say it is smuggled mostly by U.S. citizens, as well as other travelers who are legally authorized to cross. Virtually none is seized from migrants who are seeking asylum.”

On Monday The Washington Post Editorial Board wrote: “The U.S. government will almost certainly shut down on Oct. 1, the work of ultraconservative holdouts who want to ‘burn the whole place down,’ as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) put it. Yet, for now, Mr. McCarthy does not appear willing to take away the matches. He could sideline the objectors by calling House Democrats and agreeing to pass bipartisan legislation to fund the government.”

Watch McCarthy below or at this link.

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House GOP Shutdown Demands Include Gutting Billions From Dept. of Education, Costing Over 200,000 Teachers Their Jobs



As House Republicans move closer to shutting down the federal government at midnight on Friday the details of their spending cut demands are becoming clearer, including their largest single target: the U.S. Department of Education, and specifically, a program that funds schools for low-income children.

As Semafor’s Jordan Weissmann explains, “Republican hardliners are pushing the government toward a shutdown so that they can force frontline members of their party to take a symbolic vote in favor of cutting federal funding for low-income public schools by 80%.”

Calling Tuesday “a big test for House Republicans,” The Washington Post reports the House “will vote on a procedural motion — a rule — to advance four of the 11 remaining individual spending bills the House hasn’t passed. If the vote fails, the chamber’s Republicans will seem even more unable to govern.”

“The vote is a last-minute play to appease a small group of hard-line Republicans and demonstrate that the party is working to enact deep, year-long spending cuts — but it will do nothing to prevent a government shutdown on Sunday,” The Post warns. “The only viable way to prevent a shutdown — which now seems likely —  is to pass a continuing resolution, or CR.”

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House Republicans want to cut spending “by $58 billion more than the amount to which President Biden and McCarthy agreed in May when they struck a deal to raise the debt limit, according to an analysis by Bobby Kogan and Jean Ross of the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank.”

About one-quarter of that $58 billion, if Republicans get their way, would come from the Dept. of Education, which has long been a target of the GOP. Many Republicans in recent years have called to get rid of the agency entirely.

“Removing the agency that protects students’ civil rights and distributes federal education funds has received an increasing amount of Republican support in recent years, including from Donald Trump,” The American Independent reported in March, when 161 House Republicans voted in support of eliminating the Department of Education.

Now, House Republicans want to cut “a single program that provides funding for low-income schools, known as Title I education grants,” The Post adds, gutting it “by nearly 80 percent, saving $14.7 billion.”

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“Democrats have warned that Republicans’ proposed cuts could cost up to 224,000 teachers their jobs, and teachers unions have mobilized to lobby against them,” The Post notes.

U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona posted a map detailing how many teachers could lose their jobs under House Republicans’ proposal.

See the Secretary’s post above or at this link.

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