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Gay Marriage Ban Hobbled, Maggie Gallagher Stands To Make Even More Money



The Defense Of Marriage Act essentially being pronounced unconstitutional must have brought great secret joy to Maggie Gallagher, or at least to her wallet. The Chairman of the National Organization For Marriage (NOM) will now be able to make even more than her previously reported 30%+ of NOM’s income stream, i.e. those “donations” the hateful send in religiously.

Here’s how Maggie’s scheme (scam?) works:

The more “in danger” Maggie can proclaim the institution of marriage, the more she can rile up her followers and thus, get them to open their wallets. Maggie does a great job, along with her hate-monger-in chief, NOM President Brian Brown, of creating just enough mass hysteria to have created a mini hate empire.

Now that DOMA is on life support (we actually don’t know its future, nor will we for some time,) Maggie gets points for having been “right” about the Left attacking DOMA. That automatically earns her more cash. Then, with marriage under greater “threat,” she will earn even more money.

Think about it: If the DOMA cases had gone the other way, Maggie would have lost both cash and credibility. But now, Maggie can beg for more money to help her and NOM fight this — all the way to the Supreme Court. Trust me, they will.

Gallagher must be gleeful right now. See, her fearmail — all those emails she and Brian jam down America’s throats every Friday, plus all her ridiculous end-of-the-world prognostications and petulant press releases are all geared to do one thing: make America think that marriage equality — “gay marriage” — will be the end of life as we know it.

I’m often reminded of Bill Murray’s old Ghostbusters movie, in which he and his cohorts decry, “Human sacrifices, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria” when I read Maggie’s and Brian’s words.

Consider her latest press release (read: money and interview begging sheet) titled, “National Organization for Marriage Decries Boston Federal Judge’s Decision Striking Down the Defense of Marriage Act.”

Get it?
“Boston Judge” equals that vast liberal activist court!

“Striking Down” — well, not exactly, as only part of DOMA was deemed unconstitutional, and it will still be in courts for years.

It continues:

“Under the guidance of Elena Kagan’s brief that she filed when she was Solicitor General, Obama’s justice department deliberately sabotaged this case,” charged Brian Brown, President of NOM, referring to the Justice Department’s brief which described DOMA as discriminatory. Despite the explicit language in DOMA that the law was designed to protect children’s right to their mothers and fathers, the judge disavowed that DOMA has anything to do with responsible procreation. “With only Obama to defend DOMA, this federal judge has taken the extraordinary step of overturning a law passed by huge bipartisan majorities and signed into law by Pres. Clinton in 1996. A single federal judge in Boston has no moral right to decide the definition of marriage for the people of the United States,” Brown continued”


Let’s see…

It begins with “Elena Kagan” — them’s fightin’ words! (P.S. Kagan is still Solicitor General, but facts and NOM are usually incompatible.)

“Obama’s justice department” More hot-button fear-mongering. “Obama’s justice department,” next you know, will take away all your rights. They’re already after your guns, right?

The Fox “News” crowd — Hannity, O’Reilly, et al –  this week is nailing Holder (the head of “Obama’s justice department”) to the wall for not prosecuting the Black Panthers for voter intimidation.

“the explicit language in DOMA that the law was designed to protect children’s right to their mothers and fathers” Obama and Holder and the gays want to take away and harm your children! Run!

“responsible procreation” I talk a lot about this in my series, “America’s Right-Wing’s Ridiculous Anti-Marriage Equality Arguments.” Essentially, if America’s heterosexuals really need a law to force them into “responsible procreation,” the Right has much bigger problems than same-sex couples wanting to marry and (maybe) raise families. And if they do not (which is what I believe,) then they should be really pissed at Maggie, Brian, NOM, and the entire Right.

“A single federal judge in Boston has no moral right to decide the definition of marriage for the people of the United States.” Hmm… Sounds EXACTLY like Hawaii’s Governor Lingle’s “reasoning” why she, just one person, shouldn’t decide on the fate of marriage for her state. Never mind that she vetoed a bill passed by both houses of her state’s legislature. You know, the people whom the people elected to represent them?…

And, um, well, actually, it’s not a moral issue. It’s in a federal court. It’s a LEGAL and CONSTITUTIONAL issue, Brian! The courts and the law are what America is based on. Not your version of “morality,” and certainly not NOM.

Then the press release concludes,

“Does this federal judge want to start another culture war?” asked Maggie Gallagher, Chairman of NOM. “Does he really want another Roe. v. Wade? The simple fact is that the right of the federal government to define marriage for the purposes of its federal law and federal territories has been clear since the late 19th century, when Congress banned polygamy. Only an incompetent defense could have lost this case. We expect to win in a higher court.”

“Does this federal judge want to start another culture war?” Um, no. YOU have fanned the flames, Maggie. As Jeremy Hooper at Good As You so eloquently put it,

“No, Maggie: That would be you who wants to start a ‘culture war.’ Your side created it. Your side fosters it. Your entire adult life has been built around taking things that should be non-issues, obfuscating their reality before the American public, and stirring up animus in the minds of any and everyone you can find so that rage replaces reason. We LGBT activists are living life — you, Brigadier General Srivastav, are turning those lives into battles!”


And lastly, “We expect to win in a higher court.”

Exactly, again. And sorry, Maggie, but civil rights, ultimately, eventually will always win. You’ll have to keep your homophobia and racism to yourself.

What Maggie should have just said was, “We expect to make a fortune begging for donations, instilling fear and hatred into Americans too ignorant and bigoted to understand that the law and the Constitution trumps my “morality.”

Maggie, do you still think you’re better than us?

See you in Court Maggie.

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Reporters Reveal Some Republicans Don’t Understand What a Default Means – and Don’t Believe the Debt Ceiling Is Real



CNN’s Jim Acosta and John Avlon compared notes on Republicans speaking on raising the debt ceiling over the weekend only to realize that the far-right members refuse to support the deal between Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden.

Acosta cited an interview he conducted Saturday with Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN), who said he’s voted for shutdowns and would vote again this week.

After ranting about cutting spending, Acosta said, “Well, you can have the argument about cutting spending during the budget and appropriations process, but as you know, Congressman, the U.S. has never missed making payments on its bills before. In the last 45 years, Congress has raised the debt ceiling 65 times. So, again, I go back to the question: is it responsible — I understand what you’re saying about how much your daughter spends, but we’re not talking about $15. We’re talking about the American economy. Is it responsible to be the deciding vote to send the country into default?”

Burchett claimed that the country wasn’t going to be sent into default. He crafted a conspiracy that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen kept changing the date the U.S. default would happen.

“Nobody is, as the young people say, nobody has provided the receipts. Nobody has called her into Washington and said, ‘Show us the math on this,'” he said.

Yellen works at the Treasury Department, which is in Washington.

Burchett also had his own math, saying that if they cut the budget spending to the 2022 levels, the country would be in a surplus. The House passed a massive defense spending package that would have required cuts from other places.

“All they’re doin’ right now is scarin’ people,” Burchett claimed. “They’re talkin’ about cutting programs that have no need other than political cronyism, we’re tellin’ our seniors — and the Democrats will, and I get it — they’re tellin’ the seniors they’re gonna be cut. Veterans are gonna be cut. And nothing can be farther (sic) from the truth. And that’s just the reality of politics.”

The reason Democrats were citing cuts to seniors and veterans goes back to the Republican Party budget bill that required cuts to seniors and veterans. That’s because returning to the 2022 budget levels means making cuts to increases already passed by Congress.

Acosta turned back to Burchett to ask if he believed the debt ceiling wasn’t real.

“I think the debt ceiling is — it’s just a creative thing to hold us into responsible — into check,” said Burchett.

Avlon cited Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC), who claimed he refused to sign a bill that would bankrupt the economy.

“Well, hold it right there,” said Avlon. “I mean, if you let the country default on its debt, that’s functionally the same thing.”

An annoyed Avlon was frustrated the process was even something allowed to happen.

“It’s a fact, Congress has to control the pursestrings. So, frankly, someone should figure out the 14th Amendment side of this because I think this is not the way we’re supposed to play ball, the greatest nation in the world constantly every couple of years when there’s a Democratic president flirting with defaulting on our debt because it’s fiscal policy by extortion,” said Avlon. “This is a win to the extent that we came up to a bipartisan agreement, but this is not the way the greatest nation in the world should conduct its fiscal policy. It’s ridiculous. And it didn’t happen when Donald Trump was president because Democrats worked with Republicans to ensure the debt ceiling was raised three times.”

See the discussion below or at the link here.

Image: GOP Rep. Tim Burchett


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‘Start the Kevin McCarthy Death-Clock’ After Biden Wins Debt Ceiling Battle: Rick Wilson



Appearing late Saturday night on MSNBC after it was announced that President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) had reached an agreement “in principle’ on a budget deal, former GOP strategist Rick Wilson claimed this could be the beginning of the end for McCathy’s speakership.

Sitting in on a panel with guest host Michael Steele, Wilson suggested that McCarthy’s decision to compromise with the president to avoid a default that would spin the economy into chaos will not go over well with far-right members of his House caucus who could make a motion to “vacate the chair” to express their displeasure.

Asked by host Steel about what comes next, Wilson stated it was a win for the White House which will not make conservatives happy.

RELATED: ‘Crazy cuckoo MAGA people’ could sink debt ceiling deal: Dem strategist

“Great night for Joe Biden, great night for the White House even though I think their messaging has been kind of tentative the past few weeks” the Lincoln Project founder began. “I think though we are now going to start the Kevin McCarthy death-clock. He has certainly got a very angry part of his caucus tonight who probably burning up his phone no matter how good it is for the country not to default.”

“It’s not going to please the chaos caucus in the GOP,” he added.

Watch below or at the link:


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Debt Ceiling: McCarthy Faces ‘Lingering Anger’ and a Possible Revolt as Far-Right House Members Start Issuing Threats



As House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) continues to negotiate a deal to avoid a debt crisis, members of the far-right Freedom Caucus are growing furious with him over broken promises he made to them.

According to MSNBC political analyst Steve Benen, with a slim GOP majority in the House, McCarthy is walking a tightrope to get a budget deal passed and may need help from House Democrats if members of his caucus refuse to go along with him.

As Benen points out, in order to win the speakership McCarthy agreed to an easier path for a motion to “vacate the chair” which could end his tenure as Speaker. That could come into play if the Freedom Caucus stages a revolt.

“… as the negotiations approach an apparent finish line, the House Republicans’ most radical faction is learning that it isn’t likely to get everything its members demanded — and for the Freedom Caucus, that’s not going to work,” he wrote in his MSNBC column.

ALSO IN THE NEWS: Trump in danger of heightened espionage charges after bombshell report: legal expert

Citing a Washington Times report that stated, “[Freedom Caucus members] want everything from the debt limit bill passed by the House last month plus several new concessions from the White House,” Benen suggested far-right House Republicans are now issuing veiled threats.

In an interview, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) stated, “I am going to have to go have some blunt conversations with my colleagues and the leadership team. I don’t like the direction they are headed.”

With Politico reporting, “The [House Freedom Caucus] was already unlikely to support a final bipartisan deal, but lingering anger with Kevin McCarthy could have lasting implications on his speakership,” Benen added, “If this is simply a matter of lingering ill-will from members who come to believe that GOP leaders ‘caved,’ the practical consequences might be limited. But let’s also not forget that McCarthy, while begging his own members for their support during his protracted fight for the speaker’s gavel, agreed to tweak the motion-to-vacate-the-chair rules, which at least in theory, would make it easier for angry House Republicans to try to oust McCarthy from his leadership position.”

Adding the caveat that he is not predicting an imminent McCarthy ouster he added, “But if the scope of the Freedom Caucus’ discontent reaches a fever pitch, a hypothetical deal clears thanks to significant Democratic support, don’t be surprised if we all start hearing the phrase ‘vacate the chair” a lot more frequently.”

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