Gay Agenda Ultimate Goal? “Gays Want To Put Christians In Jail” (Video)

The gay agenda's ultimate goal is to put Christians in jail, according to anti-gay activist and author Michael Brown. Speaking as an invited guest on uber-homophobe Cindy and Mike Jacobs' weekly TV show, "God Knows," Brown said, "it's not just they came out of the closet and want to put us in the closet; they were put in jail, they want to put us in jail." Transcript and video via Right Wing Watch:
Mike Jacobs: So what is their ultimate goal, Michael? Do they have an agenda that they're marching down a path with? Brown: There are absolutely gay activist organizations with tens of millions of dollars of funding, left and right, corporate America backing them as sweethearts. Even out president supporting them ... Cindy Jacobs: Oh huge, celebrating in the White House ... Brown: With an absolute agenda. The agenda is the complete normalization of homosexuality and the complete removal of any opposition to it whatsoever. Cindy Jacobs: And that's us. Brown: Here it is in a nutshell: the activists who came out of the closet about forty years ago first said "we demand our rights." Then they began to point to others and said "you have to accept our rights." Then they began to point to conservatives, especially conservative Christians, and said "we're taking away your rights." And next thing, they want to put us in the closet. Cindy Jacobs: Or in jail. Brown: Or in jail. In fact an attorney friend of mine said "cycle it once more: it's not just they came out of the closet and want to put us in the closet; they were put in jail, they want to put us in jail."
Brown is the author of A Queer Thing Happened to America: And What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been. The inside flap includes this ugly paragraph:
"We have come to a point in our history in which it is common for the mainstream media to portray someone as intolerant and bigoted if they fail to affirm (or even celebrate) homosexuality and transgenderism, and we now find ourselves with little opportunity for constructive, honest dialogue or even the right to put forth a differing opinion. That's why the publishing world was afraid to touch this book, and that's why A Queer Thing Happened to America could be the most controversial book of the decade."
It's amazing how quickly the religious right has switched gears to not only demonize gays, which they have been doing for centuries, but now, they're co-opting the injustices we faced in actuality, and minimizing them by claiming they are facing those injustices. The difference -- aside front he fact that they're lying -- is that they are on the wrong side of history, which as each day goes by, is ever more ready to characterize them as the unholy, unGodly, unChristian bigots they are.

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