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Enough Of This Already. Are You Fed Up Yet?



New Hampshire Votes 188-186 Against Gay Marriage



New Hampshire, a state in which 55% of its electorate favors gay marriage, and 39% of its electorate opposes gay marriage, just defeated its gay marriage bill after passing it two weeks ago. “Huh?” you say? Right.

On May 6, the House and Senate completed voting on the gay marriage bill. Many had expected it to be sent to the Governor that same day, just as Vermont did. But the bill never reached the Governor. Instead, two weeks after the bill was passed, the last step before gay marriage would be legal in New Hampshire, the bill hung out in the 400-member State Legislature. Even the local newspaper reported it had been sent to the Governor’s office. Finally, on May 14, Governor John Lynch announced he would sign the bill if the Legislature included specific language he had drafted, to add further protections for religious institutions. Even gay rights groups did not object, and we all breathed a sigh of relief.

Today, by a 14-10 vote, the New Hampshire Senate approved the changes and the bill went to the House. Most people went out for coffee. Three approvals by the Senate, two by the House, a report that the Legislature would easily pass it, a promise by the Governor that he would sign the bill, let’s have a latte. Well guess what? We just lost the House. By two damn votes: 188-186.

The time for action is NOW. Enough of this shit. It’s time for everyone to pick up the damn phone and start calling people in New Hampshire. Know someone who lives there? Call them. Know someone who goes to college there? Call them. Call the Governor’s office yourself. Call the Speaker of the House yourself. Call or write the local newspaper, contact the local TV station, get online and make some noise. DO SOMETHING. NOW.

1. New Hampshire Freedom To Marry has a simple form for residents of New Hampshire. Make sure you or anyone you know who has a New Hampshire address fills it out.

2. Look at this list of New Hampshire colleges and Universities. Know anyone who might be on it? Doesn’t your neighbor have a son at Darthmouth? Time for them to repay that cup of sugar they never returned.

3. Call Governor John Lynch. Yes, he has already said he will sign the bill. He’s under a lot of pressure. He could easily change his mind. Call him. (The people in his office are very nice.) Email Governor Lynch here. Call him at (603)271-2121. Fax him at (603)271-7680.

4. Get onto Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, any of your social networks and ask your contacts to support you! Ask them who they know who lives in New Hampshire. It’s important that we get the New Hampshire voters to contact their legislators and let them know they want this bill to pass. Here’s a link to help them find their representative’s number or email.

5. Ask all your friends to email the New Hampshire State Legislature:

6. Call the Office of the Speaker of the House, Terie Norelli: (603) 271-3661. Here is their website.

Any other ideas? Email me! Or list them in the comments below.

PLEASE do this now. And please email all your friends with this information. Or, ask them to subscribe to this blog.

(image: jackealexander)

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Lara Trump Thinks Microsoft Office Assistant ‘Clippy’ Is a Real Person Spying on Everything She Writes



Fox host Lara Trump either has a new conspiracy theory, or she is very confused.

Hosting the 5 p.m. EST hour, Trump was ranting about Microsoft Word’s Clippy and the suggested changes to words like “postman” into “letter carrier” and “mankind” into “humankind.” It’s part of the right’s latest attack on “wokism,” which they define as anything done in polite society that makes them uncomfortable.

“Someone is reading this?! And assessing what I’m writing?” Trump said, assuming that a person was actually watching and reading what she was typing in Word instead of an AI programed into what they call “office assistant.” It was once named Clippy, and it was never a real person.

According to Trump, the “office assistant” is a lot like her fancy new car that doesn’t require a key, just a push-button to start it. She said that the car wouldn’t start if she didn’t jingle the keys around. That’s false. Push-button start cars use safety technology that requires your foot on the break, the car in park, and the key fob in the car with you. It’s essentially a small low-frequency transmitter. So if the car won’t start, it’s likely that you need to replace the batteries.

According to Microsoft, the assistant doesn’t have to be turned on.

“The checker can be turned on and off in a menu called ‘Grammar & Refinements’, which lists everything it checks: Age bias, Cultural bias, Ethnic slurs, Gender bias, Gender-Neutral Pronouns, Gender-Specific Language, Racial Bias, Sexual Orientation Bias and Socioeconomic Bias,” said the statement.

See Lara Trump’s rant below:


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Die-Hard MAGA Trump Supporters in Arizona Think ‘It’s Very Possible’ States Will ‘Decertify’ the 2020 Election



Donald Trump’s most recent rally in Arizona brought many opportunities for his supporters to explain why they think the former president will be back in office any day.

Politico spoke to a few MAGA folks on the ground at the event and got their thoughts on what’s next in the Trump movement.

“I hope states decertify the election. I want to hear him say it’s over, we are ready to move on and hold a new election,” Politico cited Ray Kallatsa from Tucson. “I do think it’s possible, very possible.”

His thoughts echo those of pillow mogul Mike Lindell, who spoke to the crowd ahead of the former president. He cited QAnon language.

“Can you feel the storm building? It’s America,” he said using the allusion of “the storm” which is part of the conspiracy group’s messaging.

The storm, “refers to excessive social conflict that is predicted to occur prior to society reaching the point of ‘The Great Awakening,’ explained Murray State University.

See the photos from the event at Politico.

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‘Avalanche of Lies’: Trump’s Arizona Speech Smacked Down by CNN Host



The morning after Donald Trump rehashed all of his complaints about the 2020 presidential election that saw him lose to President Joe Biden and then attacked fellow Republicans, a CNN host dismissed his words as an “avalanche of lies.”

During the speech, the president also asserted that his “Stop the Steal” rally crowd was massive, telling the crowd, “They talk about the people that walked down to the Capitol, They don’t talk about the size of that crowd. I believe it was the largest crowd I’ve ever spoken before, and they were there to protest the election.”

After sharing clips of Trump’s ranting about critics within his own party who aren’t buying into his election lies, host Abby Phillip cut to the chase and also noted the former president’s defense of the Capitol insurrectionists.

“I don’t actually recommend people listen to the avalanche of lies last night,” she stated, “but it’s notable how much effort went into defending these January 6th defendants and saying that they were being held as political prisoners. It’s a window into where this is all headed for Republicans.”

Watch below:


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