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Adam Carolla: Occupy Wall Street Protestors Are “Fucking Self-Entitled Monsters” And “Ass Douches”



Occupy Wall Street protestors are “ass douches,” “fucking assholes,” and self-entitled monsters, according to third-rate comedian Adam Carolla, whose claim to fame may be his former co-hosting role opposite Jimmy Kimmel in “The Man Show.” The rant, which aired recently during his radio show “Car Talk,” included the word “fuck” or a variation thereof, some 24 times.

Of course, Wall Street bankers, brokers, and analysts are thrilled. One, Jordan Terry, founder at Stone Street Advisors, LLC, tweeted, “just got a transcript of the Adam Corolla #OWS rant, debating posting in its entirity on our site…

Fellow conservative Dennis Miller posted Carolla’s anti-Occupy Wall Street rant on his website.

Adam Carolla, a self-described “angry middle-aged white guy,” is no stranger to assaulting liberals and progressives, not to mention entire groups of minorities. This summer, Carolla was lambasted for his almost nine-​minute long rant against the entire LGBT community, during which he asked, “When did we start giving a sh*t about these people?,” and concluded, sarcastically, that “Bert and Ernie b*tt-f*cking could save many lives.” Carolla later, kind of apologized.

“Adam Carolla is not a fan of Occupy Wall Street. To say the least,” The Huffington Post notes, and adds:

The comedian and talk show host went on a rant of epic proportions against the self-styled 99%, linking their grievances against the country’s economic imbalance to what he thinks is a generation of kids raised too softly by their parents.

Here’s the complete transcript of Carolla’s anti-Occupy Wall Street rant, followed by the full video:

Adam Carolla: I just heard today that, in California – before the economy fell apart – I think it was the top 1% of taxpayers paid for 50% of the taxes that came in here, in California. That’s 1% paying for 50%. Not good enough? Not good enough?

I understand some people have more than others. That’s always gonna be there. Even…Y’know, we started off, this evening, talking about the auto show and about how the crazy competition just led to these crazy crazy cars. And I know, sometimes, it goes astray but, for the most part, it’s the best system we have. And, trying to get the top 1% to pay for the top…bottom 55% – or to pay-in 55% – that’s not the angle that’s used. The angle’s: worrying about what the fuck the other 50% are doing, not what the top – who is already paying *way* more than their fair share – is doing.

There’s something that’s come up in this country, that didn’t used to exist, which is: envy. And it’s a big issue. And it *was* understood, back in the day, and we are empowering…we now are now dealing with the first wave of participation trophy – “my own fecal matter doesn’t stink”, “empowered”, “I feel so fucking good about myself”, “everybody’s a winner, there’s no losers” – we’re dealing with the first wave of those fucking assholes. That’s who we’re dealing with now. ‘Cause this has been going on for about 25 years, and we’re just starting to get – maybe 20 years – and those kids were 8 or 9 years old, and we’re getting the first…

Alison Rosen: Is that the “millennials”. I think that’s the name to be used…

Carolla: I call them the ass douches.

Rosen: Colloquially, they’re known as the ass douches?

Carolla: No, I *saw* that on…on the news.

Rosen: Oh, okay. I stand corrected.

Carolla (joking): Yeah, Brian Williams called them the ass douches.

Rosen: [unintelligible]

Carolla: [unintelligible]

Carolla: So what we have – I haven’t really broken this down but I’m going to try now – we created a bunch of fuckin’ self-entitled monsters. And this has become the pursuit of my life, where people are so far out of it, and what they expect, and what they think’realistic’ is, and what…the set of rules that pertains to them versus the other guys, cause *that’s* what the bottom line is.

“*I* want my most valuable player trophy.”

“Well, you’re the slowest, fattest guy on the team.”

“Why should he get one and I don’t get one?”

“Cause he busts his ass and runs a 4.4 forty. That’s why he gets one.”

“Well, this is bullshit.”

And then everyone gets involved and then everyone gives everyone a participation trophy, and then everyone feels good about themselves. But not *based* on anything. You should feel good about yourself *because* of your *accomplishments*. Not because somebody yelled at you to feel good about yourself and you got a fuckin’ fake piece of plastic that was sprayed gold and had your name on a plaque at the bottom of it. And, when these folks become adults, and enter the work force, and we – they’ve done stories about this. How you can’t treat ‘em, you know the boss can’t yell:

“Hey! Let’s go! Let’s get back to work now!”


“Oh, oh, you raised your voice to me. You better watch your tone buddy. My dad’s a lawyer. He’ll sue your ass. I’ll *take* this company.”

Self-entitled pricks who think the world owes them a living. And now we’re getting the first wave of these douchebags. And, now…they grew up – and it’s fine if you grow up in this little snow-globe of a life, where everything is awesome, and everyone gets a participation trophy, and there’s no losers…

Rosen: And it’s always snowing.

Carolla: Well, when you get shaken up. And, everything’s awesome. But then you get out into the real world and you realize: “I’m a fuckin’ loser”. You’re *not* doin’ that well. You’re *not* makin’ that much money. There’s no more participation trophies. This is the fuckin’ L.A. Auto Show. You don’t get to sit around and go:

“Hey, here’s my piece of shit I worked on, everyone. Why aren’t you guys buying it?”

And then, instead of finding a fuckin’ mirror, and finding the reason why no one’s buying your car, you just want to run around and yell at everyone else who’s *selling* cars. And, now, you wanna take shit and throw it at the cars, ’cause you wanna fuck *their* cars up. ‘Cause *that’s* what’s goin’ on. It’s like, instead of lookin’ in the mirror and go, “Why the fuck am I not doin’ better?”, you just find some guy who’s got more shit than you and go “Hey man, what do you need all that shit for?” It’s the same version of:

“Hey man, what do you need an MVP trophy for?”.

“‘Cause I bust my ass. That’s why. Or maybe I’m just genetically better than you. Either way, buddy. I got the trophy, so shut the fuck up and get the fuck back to work, or better yet: on the bench, where you belong.”

This is what’s going on. So.

They’re feeling shame. They’ve been shamed by life, because they haven’t been *prepared* for life. They’ve been told…they’ve had so much smoke blown up their fucking collective asses, by the time they get out in the *real* world – and then realize the real world doesn’t give a fuck where you’re from, or what your mommy said you were, or how pretty you are, or what you do…they don’t give a fuck what anyone…and all of those lies that were told to you, to your parents, about how special you are, and how no one was created like you, and all this bullshit advertisements – Nike, and all this “There’s just one you”, and “You take it all”, and “It’s your world”, and all that Reebok shit – doesn’t mean shit when you get to the real world and you’re just looked at as peon number 27 who’s putting in an application and guess what?:

“I don’t like your attitude, douche. Fuck douche.”

Rosen: Ass douche.


“Ass douche. Get your fuckin’ feet off my desk and hit the bricks. I’m not hiring you.”

Then, now, *you’re* plan is to come back and throw a brick at my window. *That’s* your plan. This is what’s going on. It’s this envy and shame, and there’s gonna be a lot more of it, ’cause it *used* to be – back in the day – father’d be walkin’ his son down the sideblock and he’d see a guy go by in his Rolls Royce, and the father would say:

“There goes Mr. Jenkins. Look up to him. That guy works hard. That guy built a company. That guy built an empire. Now look at him. He’s got his Rolls Royce. He’s drivin’ up the hill.”

But what do we do *now*? Now it’s like:

“Oh, look at him. Look at him. Does he need that car? Why’s he need that car? I’m drivin’ a fuckin’ Chevette! Why’s *he* get to drive that fuckin’ car, you know? Let’s go up there and throw a rock at it.”

“That ain’t gonna help you get out of the Chevette, ass douche.”

Rosen: That’s right.

Carolla: “Get the fuck to work.” And, by the way: Parents! Society! We are creating a group of self-entitled monsters. Knock it off.

Rosen: Right. And, I’m wondering – all the parents that created this culture of ass douchery – were they…like, are they the ones who are feeling like “Well, I was never told I was special enough.” Are they overcompsensating for *their* childhood? ‘Cause now there’s been like sort of a few generations that are aware of Dr. Spock and aware that kids have special emotional needs and et cetera.

Carolla: We started, you know, we have these weird swings in raising kids, and they’re not very good. I mean, I grew up in the sort of 70′s, “just free to be me, you and me”, “Hey man, if he doesn’t want to learn to read he doesn’t have to learn to read”…yeah, just “run wild”, you know, “free range”, “do your own thing, man” – that whole hippee “do your own thing” – never fuckin’ panned out. And – the super self-esteem building, and just all this bullshit where we have to knock down a Christmas celebration and call it a “Holiday Celebration” so we don’t offend the one kid whose parents are litigious, or whatever – we fucked our society up royally; basically, take that one kid and empowered him, and we’ve gotta stop, ’cause that’s what all this is.

It used to be that you’d look – I’m not saying you took random rich guys and worshipped at their alter – but you took guys who built something, and you said “There’s a guy who’s accomplished something”, not “Well why isn’t he paying his fair share?”. I mean, when did that ever fuckin’ come about? “That guy paid-in millions of dollars last year. You paid in shit, and you’re pissed at *him*?”. Obviously it doesn’t make sense. Obviously it’s not a *rational* thought. It’s *shame* driven.

And – you want to extrapolate this – this is essentially what the terrorists do with us. They see us over here in our hot tubs, driving our big cars around, havin’ our parties, turnin’ on…

(“Bald”) Bryan Bishop: Big cars *with* hot tubs.

Carolla: Yeah! Stretch limos with hot tubs, or chicks lookin’ hot – fake boobies and bikinis and all that – and they’re like “Fuck it. Allah’s gonna take care of *these* guys.” And then Allah doesn’t take care of shit, and then *they* come down and blow our buildings up. It’s this weird…it’s not…we think it’s about religion, or we think it’s about, you know, cultures…it’s *one* culture can’t live next to another culture that’s thriving…

Rosen: Yeah.

Carolla: …without getting pissed-off, envious, resentful. You then get shamed. And, when you get shamed, there’s two things you can do with shame. You can be shamed and go “I better get my shit together”, or you can be shamed and go “I’m gonna tear that guy’s shit down”. And *that’s* where we’re at now. When you feel that shame, get your shit together. Leave my shit alone.

Rosen: Yeah, it’s like global sibling rivalry.

Carolla: Thank you. That’s what it is. It’s old. It’s as old as the bible.

Carolla’s career has generally been successful when he’s managed to team up with  someone actually talented. One has to ask why Carolla’s rant against Occupy Wall Street, sounds dramatically like a self-reflection.

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Fox News Anchor’s Bad Week: Slammed for ‘Complete Lie,’ Accused of Making Up Story During Primetime Guest Hosting Gig



After firing its star host, Tucker Carlson, Fox News has been scheduling its other anchors to fill in as guest hosts on a week-by-week basis, with some viewers, if not network brass, seeing these as auditions.

This week Harris Faulkner, host of the far-right network’s “The Faulkner Focus” and co-host of “Outnumbered,” filled in during what was once Carlson’s slot.

Reaction online has not been positive.

On Monday, Faulkner claimed she had been kicked out of a restaurant for praying, in what The Wrap called a “blistering, biblical monologue about the ongoing ‘attack’ on the Christian faith in America.”

“We know who we are. And we know who’s we are,” Faulkner told the dwindling Fox News audience. “For those of us who believe, we must be bold in our faith right now. When you gather in public spaces pray thankfully over your food, even when the server gives you the stink-eye, or tells the manager that your peaceful grace is triggering them. Had it happen to me. I’ve been asked to leave a restaurant for openly bowing my head in prayer hands. In America. It’s all good. They don’t deserve my money anyway.”

Many demanded Faulkner name the restaurant, or provide proof. Among them, The Daily Beast’s senior media reporter Justin Baragona, who tweeted, Monday night, “I’m going to ask Fox News PR if Harris Faulkner can provide the name of the restaurant and date when this happened. Will update if I receive a response.”

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Baragona has yet to state he’s received a response.

Another doubter is Republican former Congressman Adam Kinzinger, who wrote: “We need the name of this restaurant and when it happened. If true that’s awful. IF it’s not true… which seems most likely the case… then there needs to be accountability. Lies are not the tool of the Lord. And the USA isn’t his god.”

During that same monologue, as The Daily Beast noted, Faulkner told Fox News viewers: “Women and children are being redesigned by some sort of mad leftist science experiment.”

“It’s as though people on the left have more free time than anybody else. They want to acronym and pronoun us to death,” she said, apparently taking a swing at the LGBTQ community. “Well know this: the Lord has determined I am a woman, and my pronouns are U.S.A.”

“We are in a spiritual fight for the soul of America,” she also claimed, “and if you think that’s not true, take a look around at what’s going on. The devil has gotten into some people. The worst part of experiencing our country ripping at the seams is that our enemies are massing, feasting on the tastiness of our weaknesses.”

Baragona pointed out, “In her first night on primetime filling in for Tucker’s old timeslot, Harris Faulkner drew 1.59 million total viewers and just 105,000 in the 25-54 advertising demographic, finishing behind CNN and MSNBC in the demo. Tucker averaged 3.26 million total viewers last quarter.”

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Former CNN media reporter Brian Stelter added, “And Jen Psaki was filling in at 8 on MSNBC,” suggesting MSNBC might have had fewer regular viewers during that time slot.

But the real outrage came on Tuesday, when Faulkner delivered what many deemed an outright “lie,” and served up proof of their accusations.

Faulker told Fox News viewers, “You know, we didn’t actually close schools in 1918, during the Spanish flu pandemic.”

That’s false. Provably false.

“And sometimes we make dangerously bad decisions, like pandemic lockdowns and keeping our own children home from schools when a virus was hurting them far less often than adults,” she said, ignoring the fact that family transmission often started with children (see below.) “You know, we didn’t actually close schools in 1918 during the Spanish flu pandemic. We didn’t even have penicillin back then. We did sacrifice. We suffered but then we pressed on. Our enemies hate us for surviving, but they would love to be like us.”

“This is blatantly untrue and takes about 3 seconds to fact check,” observed Media Matters for America’s Kat Abu.

And fact check many did.

Some noted that penicillin is an antibiotic, not an antiviral, and would have had no effect on the “Spanish flu,” an erroneous term (the first case identified was in the U.S.) for what is broadly known as the 1918 flu pandemic. The CDC says, “The 1918 H1N1 flu pandemic, sometimes referred to as the “Spanish flu,” killed an estimated 50 million people worldwide, including an estimated 675,000 people in the United States.”

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Attorney Brad Moss, calling Faulkner’s claim a “complete lie,” also tweeted: “Utter and total falsity. You would think these fools would have some shame after paying Dominion hundreds of millions of dollars.”

And he came with receipts, including a screenshot of a New York Times article from October, 1918, noting the entire state of Pennsylvania had “indefinitely” shut down all schools, churches, theaters, and “all places of public assemblage.”

Others pointed to a PBS article from 2020 that reads: “During the 1918-1919 influenza pandemic, when an estimated 675,000 people died in the United States alone, the majority of public schools were closed for weeks to months on end. But three major cities — New York City, Chicago, and New Haven — kept their schools open amid valid questions and concerns about safety.”

So false was Faulkner’s claim, a readers’ note was added to video of it. It points to a study that states: “During the 1918–19 influenza pandemic, many local authorities made the controversial decision to close schools.”

Others on social media pointed to an article published last week by the University of Minnesota: “More than 70% of US household COVID spread started with a child, study suggests.”

As for Faulkner’s claim that, “Our enemies hate us for surviving, but they would love to be like us,” the U.S. ranks 15th worst among all countries around the world in COVID deaths per capita.

Meanwhile, Baragona also weighed in, noting: “Throughout the height of the pandemic, Harris Faulkner would only broadcast her show from the safety of her house.”

Watch the videos above or at this link.

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Pence Presidential Launch Mocked for Suggesting Drag Queens Are Assaulting ‘American Values’ – With No Mention of Trump



Former Trump vice president Mike Pence on Wednesday officially launched his 2024 campaign for the White House, in a lengthy, polished video carefully constructed to position himself as the torch-bearer of American values, including Christian nationalism, while conveniently all but ignoring his four-plus years spent in service to Donald Trump, who recently was held liable by a jury for sexual abuse, is currently under a 34-count state felony indictment, and expected to soon be facing a slew of federal and state charges amid several other investigations.

“I believe in the American people, and I have faith God is not done with America yet,” Pence tweeted atop his campaign video. “Together, we can bring this Country back, and the best days for the Greatest Nation on Earth are yet to come!”

The well-known presidential historian Michael Beschloss, author of ten books, noted that it will “not be easy for a VP to separate himself from the President he served for four years.”

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And he made this critical observation: Pence’s “just-released announcement video cites ‘drag queens’ and Biden-Harris but not a single mention or image of You-Know-Who,” referring to Donald Trump.

In fact, in Pence’s video (below), he falsely claims, “President Joe Biden and the radical left have weakened America at home and abroad.”

“The American dream is being crushed under runaway inflation. Wages are dropping, recession is looming. Our southern border is under siege.”

“And the enemies of freedom are on the march around the world,” Pence continues.

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“And worse still, timeless American values are under assault as never before,” Pence cries.

As he says those words, the video shows three frames that appear to be clipped from TV news reports. One reads, “VA Parents Push Back Against Critical Race Theory,” one reads, “Controversy Over Female Trans Swimmer,” and the last one reads, “Drag Queens Storm Faith-Based Story Hour in AR.”

Journalist Grace Panetta offered a similar observation, tweeting, “Former VP Mike Pence’s presidential announcement video features faith imagery and headlines about trans athletes and drag queens, but no obvious references to abortion, to which he is staunchly opposed.”

Democratic strategist Sawyer Hackett, senior advisor to former Obama cabinet secretary Julián Castro, went one step further.

“In his announcement,” Hackett writes, “Mike Pence says ‘timeless American values are under assault’ as headlines about drag shows and trans athletes play. But nothing about the armed Trump mob who tried to hang him at the Capitol.”

Watch Pence’s video below or at this link.

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Fox News’ Sean Hannity Whines Charging Trump With ‘Obscure’ Obstruction Is Unfair



Fox News host Sean Hannity suggested on Tuesday’s edition of his radio show that the possibility of former President Donald Trump getting charged with obstruction of justice is unfair because President Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton never had their homes “raided” by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

“So you know, and here’s the other problem, you know, with top secret classified documents. So what they’re doing here is they’re not going to go after what they thought was the crime. Because they didn’t raid Hillary Clinton’s residences. They didn’t raid Joe Biden’s four places where he had top secret classified information. No,” Hannity complained.

Both Clinton and Biden cooperated with federal investigators. Refusing to do so, or impeding their work, is considered obstruction, which is a felony.

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“So they’ll look to something obscure,” Hannity continued. “‘Well, as a result of the investigation, it is alleged that Donald Trump obstructed justice’ — blah blah blah blah blah. Which, by the way, I would argue, legally, he doesn’t have any obligation to cooperate with, and nor can anyone give a real definition of whether or not, you know, exactly how one president is supposed to declassify the materials anyway.”

Trump has claimed that he declassified documents psychically and that they automatically had that status once he took them from the White House. Those statements are not just false — Trump was recorded acknowledging the limits to his power to declassify certain items, such as war plans for an attack on Iran.

Hannity then said that “it’s not going to have anything to do with the documents themselves, except it’ll be a process crime. That is my prediction.”

There are many indicators that Trump could facing an espionage charge (among a litant of others), as recently highlighted by experts.

READ MORE: ‘Nihilistic moron’ Trump heading for another indictment: George Conway

“They’re gonna go down the process crime route and they won’t apply the same standards to Joe, just like they didn’t apply the same standards to the Hillary, and whatever bone they throw you on Hunter is the low-hanging fruit that does not get to the heart of the family business with a multitude of countries that they were paid a fortune from,” Hannity added. “And we still haven’t gotten the final numbers, and clearly, Hunter Biden with no experience was leading up the effort and implicates his own father. They’re gonna stay as far away from the real crux of what legality would impact Joe Biden and just go after Donald Trump, to just continue their policies of politicizing or criminalizing political differences.”

Listen below via Media Matters for America or at this link.

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Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr and a CC license

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