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“Death To America.”



The net result of one political party which lost big and finds itself leaderless, coupled with another political party which finds its leader lost, is mayhem and chaos, which spirals into hate and villianization. And, possibly, violence.

Welcome to what’s left of the red-state white-hot summer of hate, homophobia, racism, bigotry, Islamophobia, xenophobia, and any other “-ism,” “-ia,” and “-y,” you can place atop your particular personal prejudices, or, “theirs.”

Today, the nine-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, America finds itself more polarized, divided, angry, and on the brink of a national nervous breakdown than we were when the twin towers, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania all fell victim to the worst attack on U.S. soil — that wasn’t self-inflicted during our civil war. Or, from the British during our Revolutionary War.

How did we get here?

Well, here are the Cliff notes.

Decades ago, conservatives forgot what being a conservative was really about.

They abused their power and spent our money like it was, well, our money. And not theirs.

The Democrats were born without a spine and spent far too many of the Bush 43 years pretending what Republicans were saying was true. Especially about Democrats. And, you know Saddam Hussein. And WMD. And deregulation. And housing. And Iran. And oil.

George W. Bush sucked.

America let him.

(Probably because they all wanted to have a beer with him. Go figure.)

The mainstream media helped.

The economy melted down.

A lot of people saw their savings, 401k’s, and jobs go up in smoke, thanks to the unmitigated greed of a few people called “bankers,” “financial analysts,” “brokers,” and “money managers.”

Some of those people who saw their savings, 401k’s, and jobs go up in smoke realized they shared the blame for allowing politicians to let all this happen. But a few didn’t want to take the blame, so they got angry and formed a “Tea Party” because it’s really easy to blame some young black guy who has more smarts in his pinky finger than they do in their, um, pinky fingers. Collectively.

The Tea Party bosses got lots of money from scary capitalists like the Koch Brothers, even though the Tea Party members didn’t know it.

Because stupid people think it’s OK to say and do stupid things, the Tea Party started to say and do stupid things, like calling the president names, like “socialist,” “marxist,” “communist,” using the “N” word, making really bad signs, carrying guns, and getting together at rallies with folding picnic chairs, and yelling racial and sexual slurs. A lot.

Then, almost a year after it was front page news, the Tea Party realized a group of peaceful Muslims wanted to live the American dream of owning real estate and putting a really big building on a really small piece of land, which they owned and were in the process of adding on to, and this got the Tea Party people really scared, because it happened to be in “New York City,” two blocks from where “those people” bombed us nine years ago. (Never mind the fact that “New York City” isn’t part of the “real America.”) And those Tea Party folks thought it felt good to blame innocent people with names they didn’t like but sounded like their president’s name, (“Barack HUSSEIN Obama!”) whom they also didn’t like, and, well, everybody else in their klan was doing it so, hey, why not?

Deposition of Pastor Terry Jones

While all this was happening, Terry Jones, a so-called “preacher” with an eBay furniture business he operates out of his church, who uses members of his congregation for unpaid labor, who preaches family values yet won’t talk to his own daughter, decided it would be cool to be on the T.V. like those other big ministers, and so his god “told” him that Florida sounded like a great place to hold an international event. Since he didn’t like Muslims he decided their holy book was an easy target and he could make some money and become famous by burning books, and even though he had never even read the Koran, it must be “of the devil,” just like that old-time religion of 1.5 billion Muslims. He thought he heard his god say this to him, so he decided to throw a book-burning party and name it, “International Burn A Koran Day.”

And, what better day to use than 9/11?

So, that’s how we got here.

Any questions?

Oh, yeah, as to “Death To America?”

Deposition of Pastor Terry Jones

It’s what the radical folks in the Middle East say, because they hear megalomaniacs like some Florida preacher say he’s going to burn their holyist of holy books. It’s what the radical folks in the Middle East say, because we invade their countries, kill their families and rape their women and children, claim they have weapons of mass destruction, torture them, say their religion is “of the devil,” yet we claim we are civilized, but show no regard for them as human beings.

It’s what the radical folks in the Middle East say. Just like what a radical preacher in a tiny Florida town says about them. Just like what radical American politicians, like Michele Bachmann, who, about Islam, say, “Not all cultures are equal. Not all values are equal.” Or radical American politicians, like John McCain, who say, “Bomb, bomb Iran.”

“Bomb, bomb Iran.”

“Death to America.”

What’s the difference?

“Death To America,” if it comes, will be self-inflicted. It will come not at the hands of those outside America, but at the hands of all those in America, who claim to love their country, yet hate most everyone in it.

The people who attacked America on 9/11 will have won when we have become hateful and scared. But ask yourself, when we threaten to burn Korans, have we become hateful and scared? When we try to stop a religious community center from being built because it’s Islamic, yet welcoming of all faiths, have we become hateful and scared? When a radical Christian church that explicitly hates Muslims, Mormons and gays is launched, also two blocks from Ground Zero, yet goes unnoticed, have we become hateful and scared?

This is an old, old story. We are merely the latest players in this war as old as “our” Bible — and we will never be able to end it if we don’t stop threatening to burn theirs. We are never going to end it if we continue to invade and occupy other countries, treat Islam as if it’s “of the devil,” and treat Muslims as if they are “of the devil.” We are never going to end it if we protest their right to build a mosque, or a community. We are never going to end it if we don’t stop acting like Americans, and start acting like America.

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‘Troubling Questions’: Experts Slam Ginni Thomas’ Group That Waged Cultural War Against the Left via Web of Dark Money Orgs



Legal experts are responding to bombshell reporting from The Washington Post revealing Ginni Thomas, the spouse of a U.S. Supreme Court Justice, who had unprecedented access to the Trump White House and Oval Office, for years headed a secretive right-wing activist organization funded through a web of dark money groups, whose purpose was to wage a culture war against the left.

The Post reports the organization, Crowdsourcers for Culture and Liberty, took in nearly $600,000 in anonymous funds to fuel its efforts to battle “cultural Marxism,” as Ginni Thomas, who headed the group, called their mission.

Thomas had stepped away from her previous non-profit right-wing activist group “amid concerns that it created potential conflicts for her husband on hot-button issues before the court,” The Post says, and yet, she led Crowdsourcers for Culture and Liberty, which creates the same concerns. Where is the money coming from? What is the group doing with it? How much crossover is there between her activism and the group’s targets and efforts, and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ work?

According to The Post, in tax filings of its think tank sponsor, Crowdsourcers for Culture and Liberty is described as an “informal, unincorporated nonprofit association which serves as an incubator for ideas across a network of conservative leaders, cultural entrepreneurs, and cultural influences.”

READ MORE: ‘Heist’: Ginni Thomas Tells J6 Committee Election Was Stolen, Says She Never Discussed Efforts to Overturn With Spouse

It appears great efforts were made to ensure the donors to Thomas’ Crowdsourcers group would not be able to be publicly identified.

“In 2019, anonymous donors gave the think tank Capital Research Center, or CRC, $596,000 that was designated for Crowdsourcers, according to tax filings and audits the think tank submitted to state regulators. The majority of that money, $400,000, was routed through yet another nonprofit, Donors Trust, according to that organization’s tax filings. Donors Trust is a fund that receives money from wealthy donors whose identities are not disclosed and steers it toward conservative causes,” The Post explains.

Thomas, who is reportedly active in another secretive far-right wing group, the Council for National Policy, brought two well-known far-right wing activists from CNP into Crowdsourcers for Culture and Liberty: former Trump attorney, ally, and advisor Cleta Mitchell, and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk.

The New York Times last year described the Council for National Policy as an organization that “brings together old-school Republican luminaries, Christian conservatives, Tea Party activists and MAGA operatives, with more than 400 members who include leaders of organizations like the Federalist Society, the National Rifle Association and the Family Research Council.”

But despite all the obvious red flags, an attorney for Ginni Thomas, Mark Paoletta, told The Washington Post she was “proud of the work she did with Crowdsourcers, which brought together conservative leaders to discuss amplifying conservative values with respect to the battle over culture.”

READ MORE: Ginni Thomas ‘Intertwined’ With ‘Vast’ Campaign Pressuring Supreme Court to Overturn Roe: Report

“She believes Crowdsourcers identified the Left’s dominance in most cultural lanes, while conservatives were mostly funding political organizations,” Paoletta also told The Post.

“There is no plausible conflict of interest issue with respect to Justice Thomas,” he claimed.

Others disagree.

U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), who is also an attorney, responded to The Post’s report by mocking Paoletta’s claim there is no conflict of interest.

“Donors Trust was central to the far-right Court-packing operation, and now they pass secret donor funds to a justice’s spouse, but ‘no plausible conflict of interest’? Please.”

Sen. Whitehouse went on to explain his additional concerns.

“Plus, remember that the secrecy conduits like Donors Trust keep the *public* from knowing what’s happening, but nothing prevents the secret donor from telling the spouse or the justice, ‘Hey, that money that secretly came through to you — that’s me.'”

Adam Smith, Vice President for Democracy Initiatives at the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), observed: “Seems like the spouse of a Supreme Court Justice shouldn’t be able to hide the source of huge donations that could be from people with business before the court.”

READ MORE: Ginni Thomas’ Attempts to Influence Overturn of Election Even Wider Than Previously Known

CREW’s President, Noah Bookbinder, a former federal corruption prosecutor, adds: “Hundreds of thousands in anonymous donations to an activist group led by Ginni Thomas, spouse of a Supreme Court justice, raises all kinds of troubling questions about who could be influencing decisions that affect all of us.”

Attorney and Slate Magazine senior writer covering courts and the law, Mark Joseph Stern, pushed back against any idea the nearly $600,000 funding came from small donations.

“Ginni Thomas’ various political ventures have never had any small/grassroots donors. They have ALWAYS been funded by a handful of ultra-wealthy individuals and organizations who are very obviously trying to curry favor with her husband,” Stern said.

Former White House aide and CNN commentator Keith Boykin, also an attorney, called for Justice Thomas to recuse from certain cases: “If Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson had to recuse herself from the Harvard affirmative action case, then Clarence Thomas should recuse himself from all the cases on right-wing issues in which his activist wife, Ginni Thomas, is involved.”


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Christian Nationalist Group Working to Get Its ‘Biblical Worldview Spread Across the Nation’



Last week, Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed legislation prohibiting transgender people from using public school facilities that match their gender identity. That legislation was crafted by the National Association of Christian Lawmakers, a right-wing organization that seeks to elect “godly leaders in our nation at every level” and then use them to “restore the Judeo-Christian foundation of our nation.”

Following the signing of this legislation into law, Jason Rapert, a longtime religious-right activist and ardent Christian nationalist who founded the NACL, took a victory lap, crediting his organization for the law and celebrating its success in pushing back “against the things of the devil in our country.”

As Rapert reported, this legislation had first been proposed by Arkansas school board member David Naylor during an annual NACL meeting and then brought to the Arkansas state legislature by state Rep. Mary Bentley, who serves on the board of the NACL.

On Friday, Rapert interviewed Bentley on his “Save The Nation” program, where she celebrated the NACL’s efforts “to get our biblical worldview spread across the nation.”

“Thank goodness we’ve got some common sense left here in Arkansas,” Bentley said. “[It was because of the NACL] that we were able to get that passed as model policy and bring it forth. I just love seeing grassroots come together and school board members coming to the capitol and going to the governor’s desk and just seeing it all work and flow just exactly how we want to. So, for the folks that are supporting NACL and what we’re doing, this is what we want to do across the country.”

“This is an example of the power of the NACL’s ability with model legislation,” Rapert replied. “This was brought by one of our members, and this policy actually could be immediately adopted by school boards in every school district across this country. If the school board wanted to adopt it, this is the model that they can utilize. And in addition to that, just like you did, go and pass it for the state so that this is going to apply to all the school boards in your state.”

Rapert and Bentley agreed that Arkansas has now blazed the trail on this issue, thereby making it easier for legislatures in other states to enact the same law.

“That’s what happens when you can be a leader,” Bentley asserted. “Once you make a trail, it’s a lot easier for people to follow once you get that trail made.”

“Thank you again for being a part of the NACL,” Bentley declared. “It’s just what we need in this nation right now to have it moving forward, to get our biblical worldview spread across the nation.”

This article was originally published by Right Wing Watch and is republished here by permission.

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Pence Ordered to Comply With Subpoena, Testify Before Special Counsel’s Grand Jury



Mike Pence, the ex-vice president, must testify before Dept. of Justice special counsel Jack Smith’s grand jury investigating the January 6, 2021 insurrection, a federal judge has ruled, rejecting his claims of executive privilege.

The judge is requiring Pence to answer questions about his conversations with Donald Trump leading up to the insurrection, and to answer any questions related to any possible illegal acts Donald Trump may have committed, according to ABC News’ senior investigative reporter Katherine Faulders and CNN’s Abby Phillip.

Judge James Boasberg, the chief judge for the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, “outright rejected Trump’s executive privilege challenge, but ruled more narrowly on Pence speech and debate challenge,” Faulders adds.

The judge, apparently citing Pence’s “speech and debate clause” claim, said “that Pence can still decline to answer questions related to his actions on January 6 itself, when he was serving as president of the Senate for the certification of the 2020 presidential election,” CNN reports.

READ MORE: ‘We’re Not Gonna Fix It’: TN Republican Says Congress Can Do Nothing to Stop Gun Violence – Calls for Christian ‘Revival’

NBC News reports Judge Boasberg “did, however, grant Pence a partial victory as to his argument that he was shielded from having to testify about Jan. 6 because of his constitutional role as part of the legislative branch.”

In what some legal experts dismissed as a faulty argument, “Pence’s legal team had argued that the Constitution’s ‘speech and debate’ clause should prevent special counsel Jack Smith’s prosecutors from eliciting any testimony about communications or activity related to Pence’s role as president of the Senate in presiding over the certification of the election results.”

Overall CNN calls it “another win for special counsel Jack Smith, who is investigating the Trump-aligned effort to subvert the 2020 election. Smith subpoenaed Pence for testimony and documents earlier this year.”

Pence can still appeal.

Watch MSNBC’s report below or at this link.

This is a breaking news and developing story.

This article has been updated to add video.

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