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Yetta Kurland Show Listeners: Here’s The Scoop On Chick-Fil-A

by David Badash on August 8, 2012

in News

Folks, in case you heard me tonight on The Yetta Kurland Show, and want to know more or do your own research, here are a few great places to start — and some of the articles I mentioned on air tonight:

My Huffington Post piece: 5 Reasons It Isn’t What You Think

The extended version:
Media Malpractice: Press And Pundits Get Chick-Fil-A Vs. Gay Story Wrong

Chick-Fil-A Profits Are Supporting Uganda’s ‘Kill The Gays’ Bill?

And here’s our Chick-Fil-A Archive!


And while we didn’t get a chance to talk about Bryan Fischer, here are a few stories I hope you’ll find important:

Fischer: ‘We Need An Underground Railroad’ To Abduct Children From Gays

Fischer Defends Abducting Kids From Gay Parents: ‘We Must Obey God Rather Than Man’


Thanks for having me on, Yetta! I had a great time!

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