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What Vicious Lies Are The Religious Right Telling To Keep Gays Out Of The Boy Scouts?

by David Badash on February 5, 2013

in Bigotry Watch,News,Politics

Post image for What Vicious Lies Are The Religious Right Telling To Keep Gays Out Of The Boy Scouts?

The vicious lies of some in the radical, religious right — a consortium of loosely affiliated anti-gay organizations and certified hate groups — are highlighted in this video. They created this compilation of some of their “best” work to motivate — through hate, fear, and yes, lies — Americans to call the Boy Scouts of America and demand they keep their discriminatory ban on gay people in Scouting.

“Janet Porter, Peter LaBarbera, Robert Knight, and Greg Quinlan weigh in against lifting the ban in a poorly produced video,” Kyle Mantyla at Right Wing Watch notes.

Porter calls these opportunistic hate mongers “experts.” What a joke.

“It is probably the worse anti-gay video of 2013, but not because it is offensive. It’s because of how badly done it is,” adds Alvin McEwen of Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters.

I think they’re being too kind. This kind of low-budget Bible-beating bunk is exactly what motivates low-information anti-gay Americans to pick up the phone and call the Boy Scouts to demand they retain their policy to ban gays.

But you too can call the Scouts to register your own opinion!

Call the Boy Scouts: 972-580-2000.

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BJLincoln February 5, 2013 at 9:52 am

The video would not pass a high school class. Bad sound, bad pictures, stock graphics, bad editing, and no research on the subject. It looks like they threw a bunch of tired old lies from questionable sources together in the middle of the night to meet a deadline. F-

KepplerT February 5, 2013 at 11:52 am

"low-information anti-gay Americans"

Interesting the number of new and increasingly sanitary euphemisms we're creating for the word "stupid".

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