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What Romney’s Promise To Support ENDA For Log Cabin Republicans Endorsement Really Means

by David Badash on October 23, 2012

in News,Politics

Post image for What Romney’s Promise To Support ENDA For Log Cabin Republicans Endorsement Really Means

The Mitt Romney campaign promised Governor Romney would sign ENDA into law and support getting it to his desk, in return for the endorsement of the Log Cabin Republicans, who earlier today endorsed Romney for President, despite America’s terribly small Navy. So says Ben Adler at The Nation (sans the Navy references), who details a lengthy conversation with R. Clarke Cooper, head of the Log Cabin Republicans.

Watch: Barney Frank Slams Log Cabin Republicans For Endorsing Romney

The media surprisingly has been abuzz all day since Cooper announced the LCR was endorsing Romney, beyond all reason.

Now we know why.

First, Adler’s excellent report, then, what it really means.

Cooper says, “Romney been clear in his opposition to workplace discrimination.” As I’ve written before, Romney has spoken of his personal preference not to practice discrimination, but he has not actually publicly called for outlawing workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Cooper said he would e-mail me Romney quotes I may have missed that do call for such legislation, but as of this writing he had not done so.

As I continued to press this point, Cooper blurted out, “Have you met with Romney’s domestic policy team?” And therein lies the answer to how Romney secured LCR’s endorsement. His advisers have privately assured LCR that Romney supports ENDA, even though he so fears the wrath of the religious right that he will not adopt this position in public. (Although ENDA polls very well, major social conservative groups, such as the American Family Association, continue to oppose it and demand that Romney do the same.)

Given that Romney is a reflexive liar, the question then becomes why LCR chooses to believe Romney. For that, I have no answer other than wishful thinking on their part.

So, what does this mean?

Frankly, a lot.

One, it’s quid pro quo, which technically may be illegal. “If you do this I’ll do that,” while it happens daily in American politics, it is often against the law. I’m not accusing anyone, nor am I a lawyer, but I think we can all agree that it does sound ugly.

Why ugly?

Well, first of all, it is. Second of all, because Cooper had to be metaphorically out of his mind to believe the Romney campaign, or the Governor’s advisors, especially since top Romney advisor days ago reinforced her comments that Mitt Romney supports the elimination of same-sex couples’ hospital visitation rights and adoption rights.

“Oh, well, of course the Governor doesn’t think loving same-sex couples should be able to hold the hand of their life partner as they fade into the afterlife — even if, since they’re gay, they’re not going to heaven, or that other place Mormons believe we go to when we die, but he sure as hell won’t allow gay men, lesbian women, bisexuals, or transgender folks to be fired. That would be wrong,” is a statement that never crossed the lips of anyone at Romney HQ.

I’ve met Cooper. He’s a nice guy. I believe he believes in the Republican Party — or, a Republican Party, if not the current Tea Party slimefest.

What else?

It means that Romney is absolutely desperate.

To make such a promise for how many votes?

Gallup just reported that 3.4% of the Amercian adult population publicly identifies as LGBT.

Gallup also just reported that 13% of the 3.4% identify as Republicans.

Do the math.

Even if you factor in the handful of Republican allies, we’re talking (sorry to say,) such a minuscule percentage of the population it’s, well, minuscule.

What else does it mean?

Mitt Romney is a liar.

Here and now, I promise to donate $100 to the Log Cabin Republicans on the day that President Romney signs an inclusive ENDA into law.

Sorry, it’s not $10,000 Mitt, but it’s the best I can do.

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DenguyFL October 23, 2012 at 7:46 pm

You seem yo have used the wrong word in this phrase "Second of all, because Cooper had to be metaphorically out of his mind …" I think you meant meteorically out of his mind.

dlampo October 24, 2012 at 5:34 pm

David, you have fallen into this pattern of saying demonstrably false things when it comes to Romney and LCR. For a couple of days now, you keep repeating this allegation that Romney now opposes hospital visitation rights even though he has stated several times he supports those rights in the context of domestic partnerships. You apparently are referring to a recent statement by Bay Buchanan that states would be allowed to decide otherwise, but that's the current reality. It is states, not the federal government, that set adoption policies, hospital visitation rights, and marriage and family law. Clearly, you know that, so why do you deliberately misrepresent Romney's policies on this point. It's a good thing these policies are decided state by state, and who has proposed otherwise? There is indeed plenty of room to criticize Romney, but lying about his politices when they're positive is indefensible, even in your quest as an extension of the Obama campaign.

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