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What Has Congress Done? A Hell Of A Lot. Now It’s Your Turn.

by David Badash on November 2, 2010

in News,Politics

Post image for What Has Congress Done? A Hell Of A Lot. Now It’s Your Turn.

Last night my partner and I were watching the Rachel Maddow Show while having dinner, (angel hair pasta, instead of our usual salads, if you must know…) as we do most every evening. As we watched this part, he told me he was angry because this is what Rachel Maddow, and the rest of the media, should have been talking about for the past two years, rather than focusing on Christine O’Donnell. Or Sharron Angle. Or Joe Miller…

Well, I agree. But they didn’t. Still, you need to watch this. Hopefully it will spur you to get up and go vote. For the Democrats.

Want more evidence and motivation?

Visit “What the fuck has Obama done so far?

Still need more?

My friend Evan Hurst over at Truth Wins Out covers HRC’s new Congressional scorecards. He says, “I mean, by all means, if it makes you feel better to Teach Your Democrat A Lesson by handing power to bigots who have also proven their incompetence on most other issues*, knock yourself out, but if you’re a serious voter, those are the cold, hard facts.”

Don’t know where to vote, or whom to vote for? We’ve got you covered!

If you don’t vote after all this, there’s no hope for you. Or us.

Go. Vote. Now.

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