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Watch: Was Rhode Island’s Gay Marriage Debate Really Just A Prayer Rally With Poor Spelling?

by David Badash on January 16, 2013

in Bigotry Watch,Marriage,News,Politics,Religion

Post image for Watch: Was Rhode Island’s Gay Marriage Debate Really Just A Prayer Rally With Poor Spelling?

Last night, hundreds if not thousands of pro-equality and pro-discrimination activists flooded the Rhode Island state house, and for hours dozens of the 120 people who registered to address lawmakers talked about why the state should, or should not, extend marriage to same-sex couples.

Remember, this bill they’re protesting is to extend civil marriage with protections for religious institutions — not religious marriage, but why should facts matter?

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Outside the hearing room, as this video shows in striking detail, many anti-gay protestors prayed, shook wildly as if posed or “speaking in tongues,” and paraded around with poorly-spelled signs. Their behavior made it seem as if they were taking part in a holy war — and some would say they were.

Rhode Island Same-Sex Marriage Hearings

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Rhode Island is an extremely Roman Catholic state, and Pope Benedict XVI has indeed declared an anti-gay holy war to end marriage for same-sex couples, claiming it will be the end of humanity. (No, seriously, he has said that.)

Rhode Island Same-Sex Marriage Hearings 2013-1

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Watch this video by Sam Valorose. We’re earnestly scouring the Internets for more — stay tuned.


Hat tip: Jeremy Hooper — Good As You

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